Escom admits failing to connect new customers


The Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) has revealed that it is failing to connect power for 25,000 people even though the customers already paid a connection fee.

Normally, Escom is supposed to connect a customer within 30 days of making payment for the new connection. But the company usually says it fails to meet the target because of shortage of forex since most of the materials are imported from outside the country and because of delays in the procurements process.

Escom Malawi load-shedding

Failing to rope new customers.

Director of distribution and customer service at Escom, Peter Mtonda, said the electricity supplier is in the process of procuring more equipment to make sure that customers are connected within the required 30 days.

”We have 25 thousand customers who have already paid us but we cannot manage to connect them within the agreed 30 days because we have many customers,” said Mtonda.

He further said the corporation need materials in place which can help them do the job quickly but since they do not have the materials it might take a bit of time.

He also pleaded with the company’s customers to be patient because soon they will start connecting new customers.

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