Ralph Kasambara finally on bail


Four months after his bail was revoked, Malawi’s ex Justice Minister, Ralph Kasambara is now out on bail together with his co-accused person Mcdonald Kumwembe in the attempted murder case of the then National Budget Director, Paul Mphwiyo.

Ralph Kasambara

Kasambara; Now on bail.

High Court Judge Michale Mtambo had in September  revoked the bail after establishing that Kasambara, who had failed in his bid to force the judge to recuse himself from presiding over the case, was using the back door to have his wish come to pass by using Kumwembe to force Mtambo out of the case.

Director of Public Prosecution also stated that judges and state witnesses were being threatened and followed by the accused hence the need to have all their bail revoked on security grounds. It was alleged that Paul Mphwiyo saw the former Justice Minister at his home late in the trial.

The judge said it was without doubt that Ralph Kasambara was involved in some activities that ought to be investigated.

While presiding over the case, Judge Mtambo observed that respective applications by Kumwembe and Kasambara to have the judge recuse himself were attempts to derail the case.

Among other bails conditions attached to the bail, Kasambara has been asked not to speak to the media.

His co-accused Kumwembe was being locked up on contempt of court having blasted Judge Michael Mtambo as ‘modern day Robin-hood’.

The unsuccessful plot on Mphwiyo  led to the discovery of the cashgate scandal as unscrupulous government and Peoples Party officials stole over K24 billion of public funds.

State witnesses have since finished giving testimonies with the latest one being ex Minister, Brown Mpinganjira denying an initial accusation by Mphwiyo that he was threatening him prior to the shooting.

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