Police nab currency forger


Malawi Police in the commercial city of Blantyre have arrested a 29 year-old man for forging United States of America dollars.

The suspect, Christopher Banda, was arrested after he tried to sell the American currency to a local businessman Thokozani Kazima.

US dollarsConfirming to Malawi24, Blantyre Police assistant public relations officer Andrew Mayawo said the suspect wanted to dupe the businessman by exchanging local fake currency amounting to 50 dollars with Malawian Kwacha.

“The suspect had a business deal with Kazima that he had American dollars, but when the two were about to exchange the local currency with the dollars, Kazima realized that Banda was keeping fake currency,” said Mayawo.

According to Mayawo, Kazima told his friends who reported the matter to police. After the police searched Banda, they found more fake notes on him amounting to 700 dollars.

The suspect will soon appear in court to answer charges of forging currency contrary to section 366 and selling articles bearing designed imitation to currency contrary to section 382 of the penal code.

Banda hails from Amos village, Traditional Authority Mchilamwera in Thyolo district.



  1. Shamwali ndikuja konthoko ujandikonjelembo ma rand wapimva.akuphatawo misolo yawo sikuphata basa tayi ndianyansala enewo…please we need more rands…

  2. Thats the only solution we hv to do,ou goverment z faillin to gv us basic needs.sitidati tikuba ndithu,mumange kaye acash gate aja oseee