8 February 2016 Last updated at: 6:06 AM

Breaking: Man heavily beaten for ‘being gay’

Activist Billy Mayaya claims a man in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe has been beaten to near death for being gay.

In a night post on his Facebook account, Mayaya claims the man was beaten for being gay in Lilongwe at Crossroads hotel.

Man beaten for'being gay' in Malawi

A victim of homophobia?

Accompanying his claim with photos that show the man heavily bleeding, Mayaya has briefly highlighted that the man in question was pounced on by angry Malawians in Lilongwe.

The post has since generated a heated debate with some backing the alleged beaters while others have condemned the act.

However, investigations by Malawi24 have revealed that the man was not beaten by a mob for being gay.

According to a source, the man was beaten at Biwi.

“The incident didn’t happen at Crossroads, it was at Biwi. And he wasn’t beaten for being gay,” said the source.

The source said that the man who has been identified by others as Kelvin Gonani is indeed a renowned gay in Lilongwe who was arrested late last year for having homosexual sex.

“Almost everyone in Lilongwe knows that he is gay and we live him to practice his lifestyle, he has never been attacked,” he said.

Another source said that the man was beaten by his gay partner over a misunderstanding they had.

“This is not a case of homophobia, it’s a guy beating his wife,” she said.

Malawi24 could not immediately verify the version of the story and efforts to talk to the man or Mayaya proved futile as we went to press.

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