Msaka urges Zomba Plantation to sell trees

Bright Msaka
Bright Msaka
Called for trees sale.: Msaka

Malawi’s Minister of natural resources, energy and mining, Bright Msaka has asked officials at Zomba Plantation to make sure they sell trees so that they can get revenue.

Msaka said the plantation can make money by selling trees which can help in reforestation projects at the plantation. It has been observed that three hectares of land at the plantation is bare due to wanton cutting down of trees.

”We are urging Zomba Plantation to start selling its timber at a profit in order to use the money on the operations of the plantation,” said Msaka.

He further said that planting Pine and Blue gum trees is a way to make sure that the trees are harvested and profits are made out of it.

Msaka also reiterated the need for people in the country to plant many trees during this tree planting season.

People in the country are expected to plant 60 million in this tree planting season and the season is expected to end in April.




  1. Koma a ministala mwafikako Ku phiri la zombako? Mavuto ndithu. Nkhalango yatheratu pano Ku chawe kukutentha ngati Ku nsanje ndiye muti apitirizenso pamenepa?

  2. Just come and see what the Vipsya Plantation has come out to be. Now you want to do it for Zomba. Madness at its best

  3. to prevent further falling with tree seedlings …preserve zomba plantation for once….just find other means than cheating your self …invest more in the green built project n see…the messiah of conservation turnin into an angel of destruction mmmmm

  4. OMG! What kind of ministers does this government has? Oooh! Trash! Kuvutika kulipod ndthu. Isn’t he the one to promote the environmental conservation? I am about to lose my bloody tears,serious!

  5. Today u wake up and tell them to plant more trees and conserve vegetation, the next day u tell them to sale the plantation. What kind of ministers does the mutharika regime has??

  6. This is the evidence that it is the ministers who have depleted chikangawa forest. They now want to finish any other small woodlots/plantations that have remained.

  7. These guys are mad. Today they tell us to leave the fate of the economy in the hands of God, next day we must reduce meals per day the other day they tell us that the economy will stabilise in two weeks and now the champion of climate change tells the nation to cut down trees in Zomba and sell. What message are they putting across? The very same people are falling with seedlings at a planting exercise what’s the point?

  8. He has no idea of extraction of renewable resources!!!! There are models for extraction dude. We just don’t extract to make money.

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