Corruption rears its head at PVHO

Malawi PVHO
Malawi PVHO
Hit by corruption: PVHO

Drivers at Plant and Vehicle Hire Organization (PVHO) are using government plants and vehicles for personal businesses, denying the organisation some much needed revenue, Malawi24 has learnt.

Yesterday, two drivers based at Mzuzu PVHO were seen offloading trailers for trucks labelled Tiyenkhu using a recovery vehicle owned by government.

However, a source who saw the drivers expressed doubt that the owner of the trailers had paid any money to government as fee for the hire of PVHO equipment.

According to our source, the PVHO drivers used a Boom truck registration number MG 859M and a Samarg recovery vehicle registration number MG 837P, both belonging to PVHO.

By the time our source took the pictures, the drivers had offloaded six trucks. The drivers have been identified as Foster Munthali and Howard Msiska.

The source said he is sure corruption was involved because the drivers were working on a weekend while it was also raining, which is unusual for workers at the organization.




  1. Find out how much president Peter paid for the houses he bought.Akulu anati,Napiye anaonera tambala kunyera mkhola.Find out how George Chaponda acquired houses at Dalton Road,Limbe. Chikangawa issue about Kaliati,Nanga Mwanaveka getting two salaries at the Treasury -? What about Tractors illegally sold to cabinet ministers, What about the sale of MSB to cabinet .There are many stupid corrupt acts by Cabinet ministers.

  2. I was so very shocked to learn that every tambala earned at Mzuzu PVHO is remitted to account No. 1. (One). Meanwhile the office in Mzuzu is completely dilapited; not to mention vehicles that are grounded for minor. I problems. I suggest that a good percentage of revenue collected from PVHO office acrross the country, should go into distrct/regional accounts to enable growth of individual PVHO offices.

  3. Though it z,Ndimmene malawi wavutilamu ndibwino kugwiritsa ntchito plan ngati imenei than Anachita waku Mulanje uja Kugulitsa Brother wake,,Keep it up Broz,

  4. Hahaha eya ka they can work during rain or weekend as long as the client paid at the Hiring Centre.You would have verified at Mzuzu Hiring Centre whether proper hiring procedures were followed.The best for you is to go there and verify.Full stop

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