Fire guts a minibus


A minibus was burnt by fire in Chilobwe Township as it was coming from a garage in the early hours of Friday.

The minibus registration number BM 5358 was coming from a garage where it went for servicing but the problem was not fixed.

Police“We went to service it as it had circuit problems but the service wasn’t successful so we decided to park it at home that we should find the needed materials for it to be back on the road,” said the minibus owner.

As the driver was taking the minibus home, fire started from the engine under his seat but the driver did not notice.

A bystander, Patrick Chimkwita, saw the fire when the minibus was in motion and alerted the driver who at first ran away before returning to the vehicle after noticing that the fire was small.

“It was passing Mtonga B shop where we stood when I noticed the fire and told the driver who at first run, we went to stop the fire but to no avail, it was growing strong,” said Chimkwita.

The owner of the minibus who is also a police officer said the minibus wasn’t insured and registered which means that there will be no damages.

The minibus also had no fire extinguisher, a device which the roads authority requires all minibuses to have.



  1. some times admin call your journalists for shot trainings. pena pake ndawona za a Musa mwalemba hunger in the Malawi, apa mukuti burnt by fire. they are not economical with words. ngati mungafune mundipeze ndikugayileni very brief but important manual ya journalism. aaaa inu. koma mundilipila coz i will have to type it and translate it to English.

  2. Govt must prohibit Traffic Police Officers from operating minibuses. They compromise a lot and they punish other operators in favour of their unroadworthy minibuses this is common in Blantyre and Limbe

  3. Kuzolowera za ulere ndi u maskin kuteroko samalipira pa garage ,anangoyitopera minbusiyo

  4. Ndalama za machimo Mulungu sakondwa nowo.
    Man mukayambilenso chipepeso palibe apa as you have said it had nothing. So what

  5. That’s what is happening,, I believe that minibus could be stopped by Traffic Police, but since it was a car of those in power,,it kept running on the road.
    Ikanakhala ya wina wake (civilian) that fire extinguisher would have been in the car by force.
    Mbalame yokhala pa uta imafa yokha,, si iyi sopano.

    1. So basically what you, Felix, are saying is that a minibus can be burnt, slightly or completely by….. WATER or POLIDGE?????? I guess you are right, sindinakuledi mu nzeru

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