Wapona Kita caught pants down! Fails to bribe brave police officers


Malawi’s renowned lawyer Wapona Kita found himself in hot soup with the law while in Balaka but was let scot-free by brave Malawi Police officers who refused to be bribed by the dishonoured lawyer. Kita shamelessly walked to his freedom when two young girls came to his rescue, Malawi24 has the details.

Wapona Kita


Kita, an old accomplice of controversial lawyer Ralph Kasambara, revealed on Facebook that he was stopped for over-speeding while in Balaka, an offence the 2014 Malawi Road Traffic Act inscribes as having a K5000 fine.

Instead of paying, Kita opted for what can be construed as an attempt to bribe the officers by negotiating to pay less than the K5,000 penalty considering that the Road Traffic Act does not stipulate that road traffic offenders can negotiate for lower fines.

“Somewhere around Balaka, got stopped by traffic police for overspeeding (sic). They took my licence and asked me to pay k5000. I told them i dont have. As usual tried to negotiate with them but to no avail (sic). When i saw that they were in an uncompromising mood, i decided to pay”, stated Kita, suggesting it is his norm to avoid paying the fine by negotiating a cheaper fee every time he contravenes the law while on the road, an offence the Act stipulates as having another K5,000 penalty.

He however revealed that the brave officers who refused to be coerced, were not interested in pocketing the bribe but were instead being professional at doing their jobs of limiting road accidents caused by reckless, over-speeding savvy drivers. The officers let Kita scot-free when he helped two children.

“So, i got out of the car and just in my front there was passing an about 7 years old kid carrying an about 4 years old kid on her back. They really looked weary and starved. I stopped them and had a chat with them. I give them k1000 each to buy some food for themselves. Then i proceed to the traffic police across the road to pay the k5000 fine. Little did i know they were observing us. To my surprise, they gave me back the licence and told me not to pay the fine”

Kita, who is accredited to have single-handedly helped Joyce Banda when Peter Mutharika and his cronies attempted to bar her from becoming president following the untimely death of President Bingu wa Mutharika in 2012, laughed off a suggestion from this reporter that he had  attempted to bribe the officers.

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