Patients denied treatment in Mzimba


Authorities at Manyamula Health Centre in Mzimba say that delay by the Electricity Supply Cooperation of Malawi (Escom) to repair a malfunctioning transformer which supplies power at the facility has greatly affected their operations.

A clinician at the facility, George Nyirenda, emphasized that without electricity, they are finding it challenging to help patients whose conditions strictly require electricity to be treated.

“Without their electricity, our operations are really affected because we are failing to help people whose conditions needs electricity. We therefore ask them to come in quickly and rectify the problem,” said Nyirenda.

StethoscopeMalawi24 understands that the hospital has been without electricity for close to a month but despite reporting the matter to the cooperation, there has been no tangible response from Escom.

Separate findings indicate that the situation has also affected night studies at Manyamula Community Day Secondary School where students have as well urged Escom to come in quickly to repair the transformer.

“I am expected to sit for MSCE soon but I am not having my night studies because Escom is yet to rectify the faulty transformer there. How I wish they came in time and rectify the problem so that we can resume our studies here,” said Rose Mzumara.

The problem has also affected public places and businesses in the area.

However, Escom operations manager for the district Donald Kuyokwa promised that they will rectify the problem soon.

He admitted that the delay has been there because they were waiting for a response from their head office where management promised to send them new transformers.

“We reported the problem to the head office and they said they were procuring some new transformers. Among them, two are likely coming here so people must just wait because soon everything will be fine,” said Kuyokwa.

This is happening at a time Escom is receiving criticism over its poor delivery as evidenced by frequent power cuts across the country.



  1. Try to encourage people who work as electrician on mzimba hosipital to keep electricity on either by emergency ask the gvmnt to contribute generators power to each and every hosipitals

  2. Those people the operating electric from mzimba their are idiot people , one month didn’t fixed they was thinking those people they using what.

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