Mob kills man in Bangwe


An angry mob at Namatapa in Bangwe has killed a man who they believed to be a thief.

Police are yet to identify the deceased but say he is 26 years-old. crime (2)

Assistant spokesperson for Limbe police station Widson Nhlane said the deceased broke into the house of a certain person in the township and stole a Galaxy phone worth K56,000.

“The suspect went into the house of a certain man in the township and stole a Galaxy phone and when the owner discovered this he shouted for help,” said Nhlane.

He further said that people came out and managed to catch the thief. They then severely beat him until he died.

Nhlane added that the body of the deceased is at Queen Elizabeth Central hospital for post-mortem. He said people whose relative is missing can go to the hospital and check if the deceased is their missing family member.

Police has since appealed to the general public not to take the law into their hands and say if anyone is found, they will face the law. The law enforcers have also urged Malawians to always take suspects to police stations in order for the officers to drag the suspects to court for thorough investigations.



  1. Yes amatopesa amenewa we will do it coz police doesn’t help and I’m also looking for one in bt if I find him I will do the same, they have a right to live and we also have the same right to life

  2. Oterewo ayenela kuphedwa nditudi malinga ndi section 209

  3. Zilibwino anthuwa sanalakwisa kupha mbavayo kuti mbava zina zitengelepo phunziro,ngakhale kuti 4n ndimoyo wodula ndimoyo.

  4. Amuchita bwino so that we can a little number of those fools.kupeza mbava kukhapa mpaka kupha kuti asadzabenso.

  5. munthu xakuziwika koma mukutchula zakazake,hw thekable??? kkkkkk, amene anatchula kut alindi 26 yrz ndekut analirimoz mmufunxen bwinobwino

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