Young Generation resurface with ‘Mudzalira’ album

Young Generation

After five years of silence, one of the pacesetters of African roots reggae, Young Generation band has finally resurfaced with a new album titled ‘Mudzalira’, which will surely rock airplay in Malawi.

The band which is comprised of Richard Khan, Jangisi Khan, Chinsisi Saka, Tarique Khan and Haroon Khan, all five members of the same family, came to limelight in the 1990s with the famous track “Afiti Opemphera”.

In an interview with Malawi24, Jangisi khan who is one of the members in the band said they are recording their fifth album which is in the final stage and is expected to hit the market next month.

Young Generation
Young Generation: Now back.

“I can assure all Malawians that the band still exists. All is going well and right now we have recorded all the songs and possibly the album will be out in the month of February.”

“We took a long break but other members were still active. We face numerous challenges like lack of money; other well-wishers came to rescue us but unfortunately left while the project is unfinished. But we tried our level best and this album is definitely a comeback,” said Khan.

He further said that the latest album has twelve songs which are in three genres.

“Most of the songs talks about one love but few dwell much on advice to the youth and culture. Apart from, Reggae we recorded other songs in dancehall and traditional genres.”

“All the tracks have been produced and recorded in different studios like Many K in South Africa, Step up records and New Dawn records in Blantyre,” he said.

He added that Malawians should expect mature music from the new album of which other songs are already enjoying airplays on other local radio stations. He said the band is planning to launch the album in few months to come and will also release the DVD and conduct live performances on an open space across the country.

However, the band says it is looking for a promoter or a manager who can work with them in finalizing their project.

In the new album the band has featured other renowned artists such as Nepman, Diktator and Annie Matumbi.

Some of the songs include Linga, Mkazi Amatikonda, Jane, kusamva kwathu and many more.

Young generation band was formed in 1985 by the late Salim Khan.

They have four albums including Afiti opemphera released in 2000, Chikondi chanu (2002), Lonjezo (2005) and Tate (2010).



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  3. On and off on stage can’t keep you alive,you just left us with amfiti opephera and went exile now tell r u not going to exile again living amatuaurs enjoy music?

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