Government moves to protect Malawians from Malaria

ekwendeni hospital

Government through the ministry of health will soon begin distributing mosquito nets across the country as one way of stopping the spread of Malaria in the country.

Information gathered shows that the ministry is already done with the process of identifying recipients of the mosquito nets.

It is in the records that about ten million Malawians across the country were registered to benefit from the campaign.

Adrian Chikumbe
Chikumbe: Govt is working on this matter.

“These people will be receiving about two nets per family so that we help in eradicating the spread of the deadly Malaria,” said Ministry of health publicist Adrian Chikumbe.

He urged Malawians to use the nets for their intended purposes and not using them to make some vegetable gardens saying Malaria is a noxious pandemic which is killing many Malawians thus needs to be prevented.

“It is unfortunate to learn that instead of using these nets to prevent malaria, some will be using them to catch fish and making gardens. That is not why we have decided to distribute these things thus let’s be responsible enough,” he added.

As another preventive measure to Malaria, Chikumbe urged people to drain stagnant water because they are home to mosquitoes which consequently transmit the disease.

ekwendeni hospital
Mosquito nets: Up for distribution.

When asked to comment on claims that public hospitals are running without supply of various drugs including Malaria antibiotics, Chikumbe trashed such claims but then warned medical personnel’s who are masterminding the stealing of such drugs.

“They will face the long arm of the law because that shows that these medics are not patriotic enough. Government spends a lot of money to procure those drugs to help poor Malawians so it is unfortunate to hear that they are stealing,” he fumed.

Malaria is caused by plasmodium, bacteria which are transmitted by anopheles mosquitoes. International health reports show that every second a child dies from the disease in Africa.



  1. Excuse me plasmodium is not a bacteria its a protozoa kkkkk muzitifusa kae musanapange post za chipatala. Ndakumvesesan koma

  2. Not bacteria that causes malaria,but protozoa known as plasmodium.

  3. Amalawi boma likuchita mbali yake ndi anthu nomwenu mukumapangitsa kuti ma net adzigulisidwa.mumayamba kuwanyengelera omwe akulandiritsao kuti akugulitseni kuno ku Mosco ndie tinazolowera ndipo tsitimalakhula.

  4. First time to hear that plasmodium is a bacterium. Reminder, don’t forget get that hunger is there also. take steps to cub it. osatinamiza ndi zinthu za donation nkumati government will distribute as if they have bought it using money from government budget

  5. I strongly believe the battle against malaria cannot be won by distributing mosquito nets. The reason being that mostly the mosquitoes that spread malaria bites people during the day when people are out the nets.
    This battle against malaria can only be won if the government can take a board step to encourage its citizens to plant Artemisia annua. This plant strengthen the immune system against malaria.

  6. I think this wil minimise hunger problem. Mosquitoes that hav bn grabn foods in our bodies wil now be controlled thru ths, my fellow Malawians we hav nw fight hunger

  7. Mumangotelo ife sitimalandila; muwafunse mafumu ndi anthu awo akuwuzeni komwe amapititsa mukawatuma kuti atigawile, ife sitnalandilepo zaulele zimenezi. Tilinazo ndipo timagula ndindalama zathu

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