Evil teacher caught raping pupil in Chitipa


A Malawian Primary school teacher teacher at Lyafwa School in Chitipa district has been caught forcing himself on his standard eight pupil.

A source told Malawi24 on Thursday that the teacher had been proposing love to the 14 year-old girl for three years but she kept insisting that she is not being ready to date anyone since she is still young.

Nevertheless, the beast was failing to hold his breath each time he saw the little girl.

“He tried so hard to win the heart of this young lady but since she seemed not to be ready for any relationship, the teacher was not happy each time he used to teach her,” said a source.

RapeHe added that during last year’s Valentine’s Day, the teacher bought some gifts for the girl but unfortunately, she turned them down and focused on her studies.

“She used to tell us that the teacher was threatening her of making her fail the standard eight exams if she kept on insisting not to date him. We advised her not to fear anything because practically a teacher cannot help someone to fail,” said the source.

On this fateful day, the teacher got tired of being rejected by his own pupil thus he just decided to use force to make love with her so that maybe she might accept his proposal after being satisfied with him in bed.

He crafted a plan of inviting the girl to his house for a part time lesson on Mathematics.

The plan was successful and after the girl came, he started to force himself on the little girl.

“While he was raping the girl, we noticed and followed up. We found him enjoying himself on top of his learner and for fear of taking the law in our hands, we reported to Chitipa police who came and arrested him,” she said.

In confirming the scandal, police publicist for northern region Maurice Chapola identified the beast as 25 year-old Wakisa Muyaba.

The evil teacher is expected to appear before court soon to answer charges of defilement in accordance with section 138 of the country’s penal code, an offence which attracts the maximum penalty of life imprisonment with hard labour.



  1. The problem now day the young girls the dont fear the age wat the want is money.as u know teachers use young girls studend to persuade there kwacha salary.some girls the want to pas the4 the use a body to write exam in the smal room wth a teacher.kindly teachers who r doing ths pls shame your self stop it before u coult and face trouble.

  2. Kkkkkkk ali bho cz nawo ndimene anabadwira akapanda kugonana ndi mwana sava bwino moyo mwawo…
    Koma iwe Malawi chigumula chikupeza zipanga uwone

  3. Somehow this seems to be adeal gone bad, first if he has been indeed proposing the girl her parents w’d have done something, but apupil going to astalking teacher’s house with confidence in the name of part time thats alie,tell us what went wrong.

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