Malawi’s blood banks dry

Michael Nevin

Malawi’s blood banks have been emptied out, creating a serious shortage of blood in hospitals across the country, Malawi24 has learnt.

The shortage of blood has come at a time when hospitals are registering high Malaria cases and the situation has already led to deaths of people, including children.

Michael Nevin
Michael Nevin; Donating blood.

According to reports, at Kamuzu Central hospital alone, 19 children died last week and there are fears more people will die if Malawians do not go out to donate blood.

Since Malawians always wait for donors, the   British High Commission decided to set the ball rolling by giving blood.

The commission invited the Malawi Blood Transfusion Service to their offices where members of staff donated their blood.

Among the people who donated blood was British High Commissioner, Michael Nevin. After giving some of his blood, Nevin expressed disappointment that Malawians are not doing more to avert the situation.

He said: “As British High Commission, we are helping the Malawi Blood Transfusion Service to save lives. But I am disappointed Malawians are not doing more. It is something that costs people nothing, but brings satisfaction that you are helping to save lives. Please step up to the plate and help fellow Malawians by donating blood.”



  1. malawi BT only benefits de rich so it tym de rich started to donate blood if not lets see if dea money wl serve them..

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  3. Anthu afooka kale ndi Njala,ndiye mukupempha magazi,akakupasani mufuna iwowo akhale moyo kapena afe? Give them enough food for 5yrs & then, ask them free blood,i believe that they ‘ll donate!!!

  4. Members of parliament shud b the 1st to donate blood. Poor pple must b given 50kg bag of maize after donating blood

  5. Awa chonde asatipusise makamaka mmasukulu chonde akabwera kaya abvomereza ndi a head ana inu osapereka magazi.Nanunso a Malawi zoona paint mungasinthanitse ndi K5000 fodya chani?kulibe magazi ndi moyo amenewo paint K8000 ngati sakufuna asiye ine olo m’bale wanga akadwala timapasana tokha magazi.Simbuzi zimenezo MBTS kagulu kakuba heavy akagwere and i dont need them, plz dont take Malawians forgranted go to hell.

  6. Mukamamva kuti kupusa ndiye uku ineyo ssta wanga anabereka ana awiri (mapasa) ndiye magazi adapewera mu mthupi koma madokota adandiita ine kuti ndipereke magazi chonsecho imformation mdapereka kuti ndimapereka magazi ku Malawi blood transfusion kupeza kuti mudagulitsa magazi okhala wanga muuze azibale anu apereke ife ayi njala iyi simukuiona kusowa nzeru yeee 4tseck

  7. Munthu akatha magazi akuti ayimbeni abale ake adzapeleke magazi koma nthawi zonse timapeleka magazi mwaulere munthu podikira abale kuti abwere sindekuti anthu adzapeza. Mtembo

  8. Malawi blood transfusion, you and your bosses are driving poshey 4×4 and taking home huge salaries, and yet you want to take blood for free from poor people who cannot ever afford a dollar per day or let alone a decent meal,shame on your chief executive, all management and members of stuff, times have changed learn to change with it,mk5000 wouldn’t be that bad would it!

    1. At K.C.H, they dont release donated blood to patients, they sell it to pvt clinics. You want blood from a poor hungry person for free to give a rich greedy person, no way!

    2. People voluntarily donate blood to this so called BTS but when one of your family members needs blood in hospitals they say they don’t have blood. if blood is for free why do you sell to private hospitals?

  9. Wa kwathu sindingamulore kupeleka magazi mpang;ono pomwe. My mum was told to have two paints of blood of which relatives contributed but to her unfortunate, she was given only one paint while being shouted at. my question is where is the other paint ? My mum is now struggling with cancer at home with no hope. Mumagulisadi magazi inu.

  10. mumatenga magaz aulere nkumakagulitsa ku ulaya,ife tikadwala mumati magazi palibe tipereke apo ai tigule,tipereke ndalama kwa madotolo.this is happening even mzipatala za boma,go ku ukaya ko mukatenge nanu magazi kumeneko!

  11. Most of the blood donors in malawi, are highly affected by hunger, i mean they are seriously starving,do you think they can donate blood?.

  12. Its very sad and l think its very difficult to find blood donors especially now where a majority of the national citizens are highly infected by HIV. The blood is not clean. I guess its high time the blood transfusion service of malawi addressed more awareness of HIV prevention and testing to the young generation that has not started to engage in sexual activities.other wise this problem will continue to rise.

  13. kkkk zimayendela limodzi ndikudyatu izi sikuti munthu kungodzuka lero ndi lero mmimba muli empty kuti apereke magazi mufuna amwalirire muyambe mwatipatsa kaye chakudya kenako mudzitikama magaziwo munaona kuti ngombe ya mkaka mkumangokamidwa osadyetsedwa?

  14. They come to remote areas requesting for free blood but you can’t find blood in rural clinics and community hospitals.. I am saying it’s bad to donate blood but it discourages me to find out that there’s always no blood in community hospitals….

  15. Am Quet Concerned As A Citizen Of Malawi! The Blood Transfussion Service Must Not Wait Until Their Blood Banks Are Empty This Actually Means People With Responsibilities In The Group Are Not Serious With The Job, So In This Case These People With Authorities May Now Provide Blood

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