Tay Grin teams up with 2Face in new song


Malawi hip-hop icon Tay Grin has combined powers with another top African artist, 2Face Idibia from Nigeria as they have collaborated on a new song.

Tay Grin

Tay Grin features 2face in Chipapapa

The song which is expected to be released next week is  titled “Chipapapa”.

This is going to be the first studio work by the artist in 2016. Last year, he was featured in Gwamba’s Munthu song alongside Malaulo, and the hit was considered to be the best collaboration in the year.

In an interview with Malawi24 yesterday, Tay Grin revealed that “Chipapa” will be released on Monday next week. In this respect, Malawians should prepare their ears for great sounds by great African artists.

The award winning rapper has involved services of a local producer, Lilongwe based DJ Sley. The Blantyre based rapper said that he has always wanted to work with 2Face, therefore this work of art serves as fulfilment of his wish.

“The beat was produced by DJ Sley. I have always wanted to work with 2Face and this song seemed perfect for both of us,” said Tay Grin

The song is not devoid of traditional flavours as the artist said. As a musician that has always been identified by the Nyau touch, his style has spilled over to Chipapa.
“I cannot veer off from what made me as an artist; I have a touch of Nyau drums and keeping true to local elements,” said Tay Grin.

The epic video for the song will be shot next month in South Africa and it promises to be a great visual. Tay Grin is known for making good videos after some of his videos have enjoyed airplay on major Televisions such as Channel O and Mtv Base.

The rapper whose real name is Limbani Kalilani is synonymous with giving it his best when it comes to flying the black, red and green colours higher. In 2014 he was honoured by BEFFTA with an award for best international African act. He was also ranked on position 82 on the list of influential people by C.Hub magazine last year.

In his music career, he has managed to work with a number of international artists like DJ Waxy from Nigeria, Bufalo Souljah from Zimbabwe, and Gal Level from Namibia.



  1. That’s a good development when you are doing that try to pull your fellow musican/rappers who don’t copy niger music or any other music so they can collaborate with them big name of africa in so doing malawi music will grow big and you will be the one to receive credit for exposing fellow artist and put Mw music on world map

  2. I love people who try! keep it up Tay Grin! while they are busy hating you, you don’t go to bed hungry , ! you have a house with a roof! leave the back ward savages rant and rave you just keep going collaboarte with whom you want, sing with whom you want push your life how you want and ignore ignorant Malawians! they will never get anywhere!

  3. U say chuma akudyacho ndi cha amake? cool nanga chikanakhala chomanu mukanatani! remember chanu cchanga guyz, lv grin azidya chuma cho make motambalala. Ngati zikukuwani vulani maraya.

  4. U say chuma akudyacho ndi cha amake? cool nanga chikanakhala chomanu mukanatani! remember chanu cchanga guyz, lv grin azidya chuma cho make motambalala. Ngati zikukuwani vulani maraya.

  5. Kkkkkkk inu mmafuna azivutika amake ali ndi chuma?? Amalawi koma mumandimvetsa chisoni…. inuyo luso komaso chuma mulibe…mzanu alibe luso loimba koma ali ndi chuma…..inu olo mmalawi momwemuno ife sitimakudziwani ….nzanu amadziwika worldwide….ngat tay grin sidolo, atleast ndidolo pogwilitsa ntchito ndalama zaamake….enanu ur praisin other artists oti or mmalawi momuno anthu sawadziwa kkkkkk…..ine i got no money no talent for singing/rapping but i respect anthu amene akupanga zakupsya….kukhala dolo kumafunikaso kut anthu azikudziwa….inu ndi ine tiyeni ku ERITREA may be nkukapezako mkazi wachuma ngat amake tay grin nafe tidzaimbe ndi 2face

  6. Tay Grin Osafoka Luso Ndi Lako Olo Utamamvera Wekha Mkazi Ndi Ana Ako Asamvereko Olo Achibale Akubife Iwe Ndiwaluso! Pitiriza Makape Asakufoketse! Onjezera Moto! Kwaine Ndikuti! When Someone Is Throwing You Stones, Use The Same Stones To Throw Delicious Fruits And Find Your Health Belt In For Ever!

  7. ‘bomboclaat, sangaime yekha koma ma collabo basi to get pipoz attention. komaso neva mind chifukwa amaona size yake, nanga 2Face??? onsewa anali kale, kuphupha uku. gulu la achina Matumbi.’

  8. Eetu thats wat other pple can do,,they prosper silently,,inu muli busy kumnena zachuma,,for how long have pple been claiming kuti amadya chuma chamake,,,panotu atasauka mpaka mai akewo,,,he does his business,,mnangokhala anthu ozolowera kunyoza,,swallow ur pride and accept that simungammake nzanuyo amatha ma technics,,,its abt producing and knowing where to sell ur products,,his market is international simungammake kkkk,,,muzafapo chabe ndimtima Taygrin ndi dolo kkk,,

  9. man mumatha enawa ndi msanje chabe coz amsziwiratu kti painu sangsfikepi ndipo olo atapanga magic yotani sangafipo ayi. keep it up!

  10. Komano 2face asayimbe zachibwana akumayimba masiku ano, amangoisokonezasokoneza nyimbo. No wonder he is failing to releass hits that can shake the whole africa

  11. Mumatha man, landirani ulemu wanu. You have shown that you are a great man in every possible way. Osati akapunthabuye angoti mbwee mtaunimu masquarading as artists and in the end komangoimba nyimbo zotukwana basi.

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