Escom vehicle hits three pedestrians in Balaka


Five people were walking on a sidewalk in Balaka, going about their business, when they were struck by a speeding vehicle belonging to Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom).

road accidentPolice said three of the pedestrians died on the spot while two others including the driver of the vehicle sustained minor injuries.

Balaka Police Publicist, Inspector Joseph Sauka identified the deceased as Benson Bakali, 14, Chikumbutso Dunthu, 16 and Victor Chisale, 45; all from Kaipakunja village in the area of Traditional Authority Nsamala in Balaka district.

He said the accident happened at Chendausiku along Balaka – Liwonde road when the driver of an Escom vehicle Toyota Hilux Double cabin registration number BLK 3774, Leonard Mukasela (45) failed to control the vehicle and hit five pedestrians who were going towards the same direction on the right hand side of the road.

According to Sauka, the driver and one other injured person have been admitted to Machinga District Hospital at Liwonde. Meanwhile, the driver is expected to appear before court where he will answer a case of causing death due to reckless driving after being discharged from the hospital.

In a related development, a person has been found dead at Liwawadzi area along the same Balaka – Liwonde road after what has been described as a hit and run road accident.

The deceased has been identified as Dziwa Matenje, from Mtalika village in the area of Traditonal Authority Nsamala in the same district of Balaka.



  1. A ESCOM amathamanga kwambiri ngakhale kuno ku Luchenza kodi ndi laulo lawo kuthamanga kwambiri? Ngati ndi choncho anawapasa ndani? A Malawi road trafic? Mabwana awo?

  2. We need tough laws to safeguard lives of pedestrians on the roads. Most of these reckless drivers bought their licenses. We need structural interventions to ensure that those who kill others on the road are held accountable. Parliament has to enact tough laws leading to payment of hefty fines. However this will take time to pass as most of our Parliamentarians have bashed vehicles bereft of COF etc. On another note the author of the story tells us that the vehicle and the deserved passengers were going in the same direction (were travelling on right hand side of the raid). This cannot be. In Malawi we drive on the left not on the right. Please cross check your facts.

  3. Iyi ndingozi monga momwe ngozi zina zikuchiikila…sizikugwirizana ndi kuzima kwa Magetsi…Tigowafunila kwabwino kwa ovulalawo…kwa Omwalirawo Mizimu yawo iuse mu mtendere.

  4. Escom,chonde anthuwo asiya ana awo,komaso ena omwe amadalira iwowa ,ndiye muwonetsetse kuti ana wosiyidwawo mwawalipirila school fees mpaka adzamalize,2milion, banja liri lonse losiyidwa.

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