Thief jailed for 6 years


A thief has been jailed for six years after he broke into a building in Ntchisi and committed a crime. crime (2)

Peter Kanthemba confessed that on the night of September 11 last year, he broke and entered a shop at Bzyobzyo Village in Ntchisi belonging to Suzgo Chibwana and stole 7 bags of maize weighing 50 kilograms each, 30 empty sacks, and one scale all valued at K46,000.

Passing sentence, Ntchisi Second Grade Magistrate Young Ng’oma said the offence is serious and hence the offender deserves a custodial sentence to send as a warning to other would be offenders.

The second grade magistrate then sentenced the 31 year-old man to six years in prison with hard labour.
The convict comes from Mndaya Village in the area of Traditional Authority Nthondo in Ntchisi.



  1. Uwu nde usilu, wokuba 46 pin six yrs in prison,opezeka ndi mlandu wa chamba masiku ochepa basi opezeka akukwatilana asame sex no mlandu opezeka ndi milandu ya cashgate oti anaba ma million osamangidwa zachamba basi aphawife nde muzitionelera

  2. Koma Wacashgate Ndiye Kumupasa Belo, Kenako Milandu Ikakambidwa Chigmulo Kundende Miyezi 6 Basi

  3. Sometimes its better not to comment on matters you dnt know especially law matters.As for me I dont see any problem with this sentence (6 yrs) bcoz atleast I know little about our laws. Breaking offences are serious offences and they invite stiff punishments.In breaking offences it matters less whether what you stole cost Millions of kwachas or hundred kwacha and for your information the charge which this man was answering carries a maximum penalty of 10 yrs and who knows maybe the man was not a first offender hence given that sentence.As for the cashgate issue you are refering to,alot of cashgate suspects were charged with theft and theft itself carries a maximum sentence of 5 yrs so u can see the difference there.

  4. Kma ndende ndiyaifedi amphawi 5bags 6yrs jail almost 1bag 1yr another 1yr poti anali amfumu apeleka bad picture kuanthu ake kma majudge milandu yamphawi sachedwa kma yazathu wokwela pamsana wanjovu ma injuction kuba mamiliyoni umva 2yrs umphawi sizinthu

  5. What!? 6 years for 46 pin. Chilango chakula abale. These things happens every day according to the couny crisis. He will never be an example. Judge wake uti

  6. koma guys zinazi zokondera, zaka zachuluka ngati wapha pamene mr cashgate akungoyenda kunja uku.

  7. K46000 =6 yrs jail term. K140000000 cashgate money =1 1/2 yrs.Malawi courts so funny.

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