‘Malawi needs divine intervention’

Chinthembwe CCAP

Deputy General Secretary of the CCAP Blantyre Synod reverend Moyenda Kanjerwa says Malawi needs divine intervention to get out of the current economic malaise.

Kanjerwa who also ministers at Thawira Church made the remarks when his church received 54 pieces of two meter Zitenje fabrics worth MK146,000 from Evangelist Linly Mbeta.

“As we are struggling financially we need God to lead us and do whatever he needs us to do. We need divine intervention otherwise if we want to do thing in our own wisdom, we won’t be successful. Challenges this country is facing, the economic hardships needs God to lead,” said Kanjerwa.

Chinthembwe CCAP
The celebrations saw call for God’s intervention. .

He further emphasised that it is important for people of God to give. He said every human being on earth represents grace and God is doing His work through all. Kanjerwa also expressed gratitude for the donation saying the gift is vital to the church.

He said: “We thank God because this is not the first time for her donating here. She is a blessing among us and we hope others will emulate the pace she has set.”

“These are very vital to our women so that they are identified. She once donated a pulpit and we continue to appreciate and express our gratitude. This will go a long way in strengthen the activities of both chairs.”

In her remarks, Evangelist Mbeta said the donation is from her ministry, Chigonjeso Mwa Yesu Community Development, and it has been made as a way of fulfilling the ministry’s mission statement which is to “preach the gospel according to peace and development.” According to Mbeta, women are pillars of the church who preach the gospel through singing.

Said Mbeta: “Women preach the gospel through singing songs. As a ministry we give women support and even churches. We bring the glory of Lord into this world to his house so that his name must be glorified. This giving is also part of celebrating the birth of our king Jesus Christ.”

Meanwhile, through the organisation Evangelist Mbeta has promised to assist in completion of Thawira church which is still under construction. The ministry has so far reached “almost” all CCAP synods in the country, donating various items.



  1. That’s the results of too much taxing on locals, businesses gets affected badly and at the end u can no longer tax them when they close down the businesses, wake up

  2. BaDada Chiuta bakut lombani ndipo ndizamukupan penjan ndipo mwazamusanga gogodan ndipo chijalu chazamujulika kwa imwe.ntchivichi icho mwamulomba Chiuta kut mutenge yaye vyose vyili mmawoko ya Chiuta.Ulobezi basi?

  3. Kukonza kwa zikolitu inu a Goodwill Gondwe musegule maso wo ndi cabinet yanuyo .Muwuzane kuti muchose kaye mchitidwe wa chisodomu mwausayinira kuchokera kwa Satana nde muzimpempha bwino Mulungu zolichilisa dziko la Malawi.Koma ngati sitichosa chisoso cha ma gay/ Lesbians chi , mdaliso sukhalapo sukhalapo koma zilango.

  4. Malawi is ALREADY in the program of The Lord God, whatever is happening is programmed , the Peter Muthalika government is in prophecy, it cannot do anything ! Later on God is establishing another government this year that will solve all the problems of economy and hunger. It is well planned.

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