JB has no power to make appointments in PP

Joyce Banda

People’s Party (PP) national organizing secretary Salim Bagus says former President Joyce Banda has no power to appoint anyone to any position in the party.

Bagus together with three other PP officials on Wednesday obtained an injunction at the Mzuzu High Court in protest over the appointment of Uladi Mussa and Kamlepo Kalua as PP president and third vice president respectively.

Joyce Banda
Banda: Her powers branded minute.

According to Bagus, the injunction does not mean that he has any personal issues against those appointed but he is against the former president appointing people in various positions without following the party’s constitution.

”We have obtained an injunction not because we have anything against the appointed members but we want order and the former president is not following the party’s constitution,” said Bagus.

He further said that the constitution of the party does not give Banda power to appoint anyone because all positions are filled during a convention.

Banda appointed Mussa and Kamlepo to fill the leadership vacuum that was created following her exile after the 2014 general elections.

The appointment prompted Bagus, Cliffer Kondowe, Bornwell Kapatuka, Daniel Kayipa and Zeleso Gomani to get an injunction from Mzuzu High Court restraining the two from taking up their positions.



  1. Bingu he put his brother as dpp leader,bakili he put atupele his son as udf leader .Stuped bagus nw i realise that ur an indian u hve no brain u dnt knw nothng can u join another party if ur full automatic leader?Jb democry leader she ddnt put her son to be pp president she is hvng also and they r educated enough bt becouse of democracy he appoint kamlep kalua instead of khumbo kachali and change goal is gud am happy wth her appointment

  2. Jb has the power all of these people they jumped in when Jb was driving now bagus hear me who r u?R you mp?Wht chikwawa and nsanje said abt u?Did they love u?If yes keep on bt if ur nt mp go away leave us alone we dnt need u mwenye .Pp is 4 Jb nt for blind begers that they cn nt help themself yet they want to be leaders.We want leaders nt boses pls

  3. Hoooooooooo kumati asankha atsogo nakhala change goal nda tchyee mwana tchyee chamba chili tho kungopitilidza kutsanza kachipani kanuko kamagweruko

  4. Is she still interested to become president of Malawi? If not, better to quit politics and leave the party to the hungry and good for nothing die hards who have nothing else better to do!

  5. Ife Timakonda Chipani Komaso Ndiochitsogolela, Akhumbowa Akufuna Udindo Pomwe Anachoka Okha Pano Abwela. Ankakataniko Ku DPP Pomwe Anthu Anali Pafupi Ku Vota, Ankumbo Ndiyamene Anagulitsa Chipani Cha PP Kwa Dpp, Achoke Bax Anthu Adyela Awa!!?,

  6. @ Matias,Even after convention,some pple wl remain unsatisfied,tawonapo anthu kukangana or even defecting from parties after conventions. JB here has jst appointed Mussa as caretaker bcz she z outside but she z the leader of the party hence no need 4 convention.

  7. Zonsezi ndiaKhumbo Kachali ndiomwe akufuna mpandowu ndiyetu Uladi Mussa wauzilatu kuti angozisiya izi bcz adwala nazo mapeto ake akomoka nazo. Akhumbo simesa munalowa DPP ndiye pano chavuta ndichani kumeneko? Nanu achina Bagus azibambo akuluakulu inu kumalolera kutumidwa zopusazo? Mwapangapo chani chosintha chipani except injilunction? Uladi ndi Kamlepo woyeeeeeeeeee!!

  8. Izi zingofanana ndi za che bakili amati anasiya ndale koma akusokoneza ndi iwo ~ jb akanachisiya chipani so tht she should concetrate zomwe akupanga kunjako

  9. Liv her alone, she was even beter than this pig, u mast distinguish btw a chief & a presedent, bcoz he’s brother he was a presedent tthen let him tak over, futseck, a sach a small country Malawi becoming a second or third poorest country in Africa, shame on our un planed leaders, wake up our leaders plz, try to find a solution to change every thing in our country, so that those they have been insouting our country like zuma they must be shamed after u hav disagraced them.

  10. We Want Joice Banda To Come Back To Answer Charges Of Murder. A Certain Prisoner Died In Prison After She Spoken Shit At A Certain Rally.On That Day Banda Rejected To Pardon A Certain Chronicle Ill Prisoner Who Had A Liver Problem,she Said : She Wanted Him To Die In Prison,him As A Head Of State Will Provide Transport And Coffin.When The Patient Heard That Statement,he Felt Mentally Tortured Then Passed Away Within Few Days.Who Killed Him?

  11. The best thing joyce banda could do is to call for a convention which will choose the leaders that will satisfy both sides of the party. The appointements she is making will continue divide the already weak party. Its time she has to show to her party supporters that she doesnt own the party but the pipo do.

  12. Chikani andale inu mwationongera dziko lathu. Tikusauka chifukwa cha milomo yanu yosaopa Mulunguyo. Maboza basi kunja kukacha zaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  13. When Mzomera Ngwira appointed Kachali u the Bugas and friends did not come out to tell him that he had no powers to appoint and fire. Now that the president has appointed some1 its when u have realised the procedure? Dont disturbe my beloved party plz.

  14. Malawi is under the grace of God, whatever is happening is well planned. JB will do wonders in Malawi which nobody is expecting , but by the hand of God she will bring prosperity to the poor Malawians who are starving.

    1. Shame on u Mr Temson and your JB, shame that until today there is people like u, U still sleeping yes bwana yes bwana u don’t know that we are in this mess because of JB, or u need to be remained?

    2. @misasi do we have such doctors to operate this mental disorder? i feel many malawians including this one must be treated Just to keep malawi

  15. I dont understand Malawian leaders, they do not give power to their party members to choose the prezidential candidate! Same thing Dr Bakili Muluzi after being stoped to stand for third term, chose Bingu Wamtalika as prezidential candidate, then Bingu Wamtalika too, before booking his fright ticket to Mpumulo wabata at Ndata farm, pointed his own young brother, Peter who is currently prezident himself.

  16. Kodi Maudindo Mukupasanawo,pp Izalamulilanso Zikoli,bwanji Osangothesa Chipanicho Agalu Okuba Inu, Afisi Azanu Ndi Awa Akutinzuza Lelowa,mwangosiyana Mayina Koma Zanu Ndizimozi!

  17. JB is the founder of the party & has powers to do so…Bagus & 3 officials dont know what they are doing maybe they are suffering from mental problem. Why not forming yo own party & make appointments as u want…#nonsense… #rubbish…

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