World Vision Malawi donates to communities in Zomba

World Vision donation

As one way of addressing some challenges communities face in the country, World Vision Malawi (WVM) has donated assorted health and education items to several communities in Zomba district.

The items which include chlorine, soap, clothes, shoes, portable blackboards, home based care materials, balls and chalk will be distributed to 23 primary schools and to health centres of Chilipa, Chingale, Nkasala and M’mambo in the area of Sub-Traditional Authority (STA) Nkapita in the district.

World Vision donation
Nkapita and Lweya (left, centre) receiving materials from Ngosi(right) before direct distribution to beneficiaries

Speaking after a symbolic presentation of items to the community, World Vision Area Programme Manager Ndamyo Ngosi hailed the communities and local leaders for proper coordination in the implementation of different programmes the organisation undertakes in the area.

Ngosi said as a partner, World Vision decided to distribute chlorine and soap in all health centres and primary schools to promote hygiene in the area and prevent the cholera outbreak which has hit some parts of the district.

‘’As we are all aware, Zomba has been  hit by cholera which spread easily within a short period and as a NGO we decided to intervene with this initiative and cholera messages to the community in order to prevent the further spread of the outbreak,” said Ngosi.

She said World Vision is committed to work closely with Zomba District Health Office (DHO) in order to avoid cholera spread to other areas which are not yet affected.

Assistant Environmental Health Officer for Zomba District Health Office (DHO), Thomas Lweya, urged communities to make proper use of toilets and practice hand washing to prevent the outbreak in the area.

Lweya assured people that the DHO in collaboration with partners like World Vision is trying its best to raise awareness in non-affected areas and to distribute infection prevention materials to avoid the further spread of cholera in the district.

STA Nkapita thanked the NGO for the support it renders to the area which he said is really bringing impact to people’s lives.

Nkapita also commended World Vision for its transparency when distributing different materials to the communities which involves several players including local leaders.

He said: ‘’the area has transformed since you started operating in the area because your NGO does not hide anything as others do when it comes to distribution of items to people since you involve several players including chiefs’’.

In his remarks, Primary Education Advisor for Ntungulutsi Zone, Hendricks Namauti, hailed the NGO for the support towards education sector.

‘’There were short falls of blackboards for learners who take their lessons under the trees because of inadequate school blocks,” said Namauti.

He said that the assistance has come at a right time when the district has registered cholera cases as it will help learners in as far as hygiene is concerned.



  1. Thanks for ur donations and infact world vision has done much to malawi. I just hate this tendancy of westerners of making us lifetime beggers due to their policies and restrictions they set on us. Liberate us please n stop the neo-clonisation.

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