Three teams to scramble for Mzuzu Stadium next season

Mzuzu stadium

It never rains but it pours for the North as the scarcity of football venues which can host Malawi Super League matches in the region means that all  teams from the north will be scrambling for Mzuzu Stadium for all their home matches next season.

The coming of the newly promoted Chilumba Barracks into Malawi’s elite league will add pressure on the only Super League standard venue in the north.

Currently, the stadium is being used by Mzuzu University football club and Moyale Barracks but Chilumba will also choose Mzuzu Stadium as their home ground.

Mzuzu stadium
Mzuzu stadium; to be scrambled for.

Meanwhile, football administrators in the north have highlighted the need for more venues so that they should be catering for the number of teams which are in the region.

According to Mzuni fc chairman Albert Harawa, teams will be facing inconveniences since they will be using one football ground and it will be a big problem for them.

“We anticipate pressure and expect a lot of inconveniences because 3 teams sharing one facility is a big challenge,” he said.

On his part, Northern Region Football Association (NRFA) chairman Lameck Khonje said lack of good grounds in the north is a major setback and he hoped for a quick finalization of the construction of Luwinga Technical Centre which is being built under FIFA sponsorship.

Khonje added that it is a big concern for three teams to be using a single facility in the Northern region.

Since Eagle Strikers were relegated from the Super League six years ago, the northern region was being represented by two Super League teams but Mzuni’s survival has changed the situation.



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