Unregistered NGOs under fire!

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The NGO Board of Malawi has warned non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which are operating in the country without registering with the board that they will be punished.

Lately, there have been establishments of various organizations in the country with unknown objectives and owners of such NGOs usually end up squandering donor funds.

Spokesperson for the board, Joe Mkandawire, said the problem is huge and there is a need to address it quickly before it ruins the existence of non-governmental organizations in the country.

He further said that the situation will affect funding to the board and told NGOs that time has come for them to come out and register.

Mkandawire also said NGOs which are not registered should stop working in the country or else they will face punishment.



  1. I have wished NGOs in Malawi to operate transparently by among other partnering with the local councils and ensuring that their activities are published in the local media. The Presidential NGO Advisor Mr Mabvuto Bamusi should record their strategic plans, and annual budgets so that at the end of the year they are able to see what exactly these thieves have benefitted Malawians. There is a NGO in Phalombe that has provided doors for grass thatched houses built by the beneficiaries themselves. Is this on? Government should be auditing the activities of NGOs in the country.

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