Education expert faults government for maintaining fees


An education expert in the country has criticized Malawi government’s decision to maintain school fees in public schools saying this will lower the quality of education in the country.

The education expert, Dr. Bob Chulu who is also a lecture at Chancellor College, said parents must take full responsibility of their children’s education if the country is to achieve quality education.

“For a long time government has been taking full responsibility on the operations of public schools but nothing has changed and now it’s time that parents take full responsibility of their children’s education,” said Chulu.

Bob Chulu

D. Chulu: We need change.

He further said that the motion moved by Parliament to stop the fees hike shows that the legislators truly represent people from their constituencies.

Chulu added that it is high time Malawians started helping government to fund the education sector in order to achieve good standard education.

Last year, government announced that it will raise fees in public school in order to improve the quality of education in the country.

However, Parliament passed a motion stopping government from going ahead with the hike after members had argued that most Malawians cannot afford to pay the new fees.

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