Ntcheu Police yet to find source of stolen drugs in the district


Malawi Police in Ntcheu district say they are still investigating how government drugs find their way in several markets in the district.

Ntcheu Police spokesperson Gift Matewere made the remarks following the arrest of several people who were found selling drugs stolen from public hospitals in the district’s markets.

policeMatewere said their investigations are failing to progress since most of the suspects insisted that they bought the medicine from Mozambique.

He said that issue could be resolved if the two countries’ health experts had enough information concerning the issue to resolve it once and for all.

According to Matewere, the law enforcers are working tirelessly with their Mozambican counterparts to curb the situation.

Recently, the police arrested several suspects after they found them selling drugs stolen from public hospitals.

Among the medicines that were found at the markets include amoxicillin and Panado worth half a million Kwacha.

On Thursday, Health Minister, Peter Kumpalume disclosed that drugs worth five MK5 billion are stolen every year in the country’s public hospitals.



  1. Yesterday was Dedza, today it’s Ntcheu. Eeeeeh more strugles, to stopo this trend and the government should put serious n effective measures with keen implementation; otherwise pharmaceutical market is a big industry, just second to petroleum industry.

  2. Ma Doctors sawapanga chipikisheni potuluka mu chipatala , amangatuluka ngati ali ku nyummba kwao chitetezo kulibe ,

    1. Galimoto imene imagawa mankhwala mzipatala za zing’ono za m’midzi (healthy centres), ndi imene imagwiritsidwa ntchito kuzembetsa mankhwala. Amapezana ndi galimoto ya private, wautali. Sabisa mthumba la trouser, kapena chikwama. Imakhala huge consignment ya mankhwala. Syndicate. Ndi zimene anthu akumangira nyumba.

  3. Ogwira ntchito m’boma ku Ntcheu mwaonjezatu.December emweyu a ku Court & police munatsekeredwa coz of chamba.Pano ndi chipatala

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