Breaking: Mponda pulls out of Fisd sponsorship deal

Peter Mponda

In a dramatic turn events, Malawi super league relegated team, Wizards FC owner Peter Mponda has pulled his team out of Foundation for Irrigation and Sustainable Development (FISD) sponsorship deal with immediate effect.

On Wednesday, Malawi24 published a story in which Mponda openly told Fisd management that his team was not ready to re-locate to Lilongwe as a condition for safe-guarding the K40 million sponsorship package and had asked his sponsors to formally make a decision on their conditions.

However, Fisd managing director Frank Mwenechanya responded back by leaving everything in the hands of Mponda to decide on whether to move to Lilongwe or not but was quick to say if the team refuse to re-locate to the Capital City, his organisation will have no choice but to pull out of sponsoring the team.

And after 72 hours, Mponda has dropped the bomb.

Peter Mponda
Mponda: Was against relocation.

He has come out in the open to tell Fisd management that he is no longer interested in renewing their agreement because of the condition attached to the deal.

According to information made available to Malawi24, the former Big Bullets, Black Leopards and Flames captain has told Fisd that it was not on for the team to move to Lilongwe yet its base is in Blantyre.

“Is it possible for Big Bullets or Mighty Wanderers to move to Lilongwe just because of sponsors conditions? We are based in Blantyre as such, we are no longer interested in renewing this contract.”

“We have pulled out. We re-locate to Lilongwe, where will we start? If we move to Lilongwe, we will be desturbed so to avoid further damage, we have decided to pull out of this sponsorship deal,” said Mponda in a letter that has been sent to Fisd management.

Fisd is yet to respond to Mponda’s latest letter.

Wizards got relegated in the just ended season after finishing bottom of the table with 21 points from 28 games.



  1. Congrats Mponda. Footbal is in Btz. Congrats, that z being a leader. Let thzm start their own Team and not disturb u.. Gud luk boy

  2. gud decision mponda…a man needs to be couragous n able 2 tek risks…ur team is gud cuz its full of young n skillful players= brighter future for our country’s football…be patient enough cuz sponsorship is comin in jst a blink

  3. We need such people like Mponda in football administration, not these yes bwanas. Bravo Peter, a good sponsor is on his way, when one door closes several doors open

  4. What goes around comes around. Mr. Mponda, you thought you were clever ‘stealing’ a football club from Surestream Academy. Now, the Surestream spirits are here to take their revenge…. first relegation, then sponsorship withdrawal. Zikatere, we say ‘team yatha!’ i.e the team is finished

  5. That’s being strong indeed, malawi needs pple like mponda, not easly shaken. Big up mponda!

  6. It was clear that the sponsor was not ready to continue with the relationship by coming up with unreasonable demand.

  7. Maganizo a booo a mponda team singasinthe base cos of sponsership akhala nayo asiyeni ngati akufuna azikathandiza achina mbabvi united ndi ena otelowo

  8. Mkulu uyu makani ngati ofula inayake azaviyika mgoma mmadzi oho

  9. As a matter of fact the sponsors delibetately set a condition they knew Mponda wouldn’t accept. They should have come straight and declare their loss in interest to continue the sponsorship. Mukufuna muzikhala ngati ma donor bwanji?

    1. who said its netball? so who will suffer now? mponda or the team? y looking on one thing? 40million is alot of money moreover the team is not in super league…do u even know why fisd wantef the team to move to lilongwe?

    2. Leave Mpando alone,he left Surestream and he got FISD,don’t worry he will get another Supposser from Here BT,Thank you for your Concern Sweetheart.

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