Malawi Union of the Blind calls for wide use of Braille

Ezekiel Kumwenda
Ezekiel Kumwenda
Kumwenda: Calls for braille use.

Malawi Union of the Blind (MUB) has asked the government to encourage the wide use of the braille technique that is used to assist blind people in reading and writing.

The remarks were made in Machinga district on Monday when the organisation was commemorating the importance of the braille method.

Speaking at the event, MUB Executive Director Ezekiel Kumwenda said the Malawi government should introduce the method with the aim of assisting people with disability.

According to Kumwenda, most of the reading materials in the country such as books are not disability-friendly.

He said that even reading materials produced by government lacks such facilities and this affects the blind. The organisation also asked government to push writers to include disability friendly methods in their books.

On 4th January, MUB joins other countries in commemorating World Braille Day.



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