Tension high in Nkhatabay after Cholera outbreak

Nkhatabay District Hospital

There is high tension among people living in Malawi’s northern region Tonga district of Nkhatabay where cases of Cholera have been reported.

According to information gathered by Malawi24 in the district, about 15 people have been diagnosed with this deadly infection such that they have since been admitted at Nkhatabay district hospital.

Currently, about five villages have been affected but the situation is believed to be fast worsening across some parts of the district where medical authorities are yet to identify the crisis.

Nkhatabay District Hospital
Hit by cholera: Nkhatabay hospital.

The problem is reported to have come because most people in the district are not using clean and potable water.

Publicist for Nkhatabay district hospital Christopher Singini said they are aware of the problem and measures to overcome the problem are already in place.

“Currently we have received about 15 cases and the affected patients have been isolated and are receiving treatment here at the hospital. We will also have some awareness campaigns on how people might help to prevent the further spread of the disease,” he said.

Cholera is caused by bacteria and records have shown that it is a deadly infection which can claim a lot of lives in a matter of some few minutes because it causes dehydration.

In Malawi the disease is associated with the rainy season thus health authorities have advised Malawians to continue following hygienic measures to help prevent the disease.



  1. What tension are they talking about. Iam passing through the District.people are happy and normal in their day to day. I had a puncture at Kande and people are drinking selling with smiles. Maybe the hospital personnel are in panic.

  2. It never rains for Malawi but it pours , we are experiencing what Moses did experience when he took the children of Israel to the promised land from Pharaoh How many plagues took place? It was about ten of them. Also here we are experiencing the same so many bad things are happening Imagine cholera , cashgate, forex problem, maize has started wilting, blackouts , men marrying one another, robberies they are plenty anybody continue ! this we really need strong prayers interdinominational for Gods devine interventions in order for us to reach the promised land where there is milk and honey!

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