Media body vows to push for ATI bill

Thom Khanje

The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Malawi chapter has vowed to push for the tabling of the Access to Information (ATI) bill which government deliberately failed to table in Parliament.

Thom Khanje
Khanje: We will push hard.

MISA chairperson Thom Khanje made the remarks in an interview with one of the country’s media houses.

According to Khanje, his organisation will continue to push members of Parliament to enact the bill.

Commenting on 2015 experiences, Khanje described the year as good since media practitioners did not face challenges such as harassment and arrests unlike in 2014.

He explained that journalists in the country failed to express their rights in 2014.

Khanje further said the organisation will also enforce the Communications Act to promote   media standards in the country.

According to Khanje, The Communication Act will prevent media houses such as Malawi Broadcasting Corporation from being used for political gains and manipulation.



  1. Vows vows what? Tazingopangani osalengeza, muzatiuza pomaliza.M’mene munayambira muja? Amabungwenunso mumatigwetsa ulesi.

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