Road accident leaves 3 seriously injured in Dedza


Three people got seriously injured while 57 others sustained minor injuries when a bus they were traveling in overturned in Dedza, Malawi Police.

Dedza Accident

The accident scene.

Dedza Police deputy publicist constable Cassim Manda confirmed about the accident and said the vehicle, an Isuzu with the registration number SA 2320 and belonging to Mr Dula, was being driven by Stanley Maloya.

According to Manda, the bus was coming from Mangochi heading to Lilongwe and had 60 passengers on board.

He said the bus overturned at Daula Village in the district after it had failed to    negotiate a steep incline and had started moving backwards.

“When the bus reached Daula village it stopped moving forward after it failed to climb a hilly road surface and the driver told his conductor to put a block at the back of the vehicle to stop it from moving but that did not work as the bus kept on reversing until it overturned,” Manda said.

Manda further said that all the injured passengers were sent to Dedza District hospital where they are receiving medical attention.

Dedza district has in the past experienced a series of road accidents that have killed scores of people especially in Linthipe area.



  1. let us keep in trust almighty living cause next time it will gonna happen one of us may God give last heal to those involved serious injury “Ammen”

  2. let us keep in trust almighty living cause next time it will gonna happen one of us may God give last heal to those involved serious injury “Ammen”

  3. zikumangokhalangati nkhambakamwa anthu akutha kupanda kucitapo kanthu mawa ndi nkucha ndi ife kapena abale athu nkale zinayamba palibe chikuchitika chothetsa vutoli tidakatha

  4. All Passanger Service Vehicle drivers are not qualified. Speed Traps are always put @ speed restricted areas when buses are driven @ 110/120 km/h on stretches or even @ bends, overloaded & @times carrying danerous goods like metal, glass or flamable liquids under or beside seats. If Government was concerned with such loss of life they should have left all vehicle checks to the Road Traffic & Safety Services.

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  6. In the roads ov Malawi eeeiiiisssshh !!!!!! Salima road again lots ov thse accnts . Life z precios drve us wth asober mind. drivers plz i bet u take that

  7. may God rest their souls in peace,but most accidents are caused by human errors i argue drivers to be aware that they carries family loved ones.

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