DPP wants to kill whistle-blower Ligomeka

Christopher Ligomeka

Weeks after coming out in the open to tell the nation that he helped the Democratic Progressive Party to win the Malawi’s May 2014 presidential elections, Christopher Aublic Ligomeka says he is now receiving death threats.

He said over the past few days, death threats have been issued against him through email from DPP disciples.

This follows his recent  Facebook post revealing that he was hired by a DPP guru to use his router to access a mirror system for MEC because the system was similar to his. Ligomeka cited that he was advised “to block at least 50 laptops of MEC monitors from access[ing] everything apart from web interface of results and  did per instructed.”

Malawi24 requested to see the emails containing the death threats but Ligomeka did not send them. He however said he reported the matter to the police.

Christopher Ligomeka
Ligomeka: Living in fear.

He said: “I am relieved now by telling the nation the truth on what happened during the 2014 elections despite threats. I am receiving threats now from DPP political disciples through emails. This has been going on for a week now and the police referred me to Malawi high commissioner but I can’t risk going there.”

In an email interview with this publication, he said he no longer has a place to stay now. Ligomeka further stated that he has lost everything and is being kept by a certain Pentecostal Church leader with his two year-old baby and wife. He refused to reveal his location for security reasons.

“I am being kept by a certain Pentecostal church leader after having lost everything to survive with my 2 year-old baby and wife. I have no Job I worked as a consultant for organizations in Malawi but now I serve in church as an intercessor and youth Pastor.

“After revealing that only Saulos Chilima recognises me, he has not yet come to my rescue. It’s a testimony, it feels like I no longer exists in this world am used to any kind of pains now. I don’t have a phone I can’t afford at the moment and I don’t need anything from DPP I just want them to resign before God embarrass them. I only seek National Prayers for the truth to prevail.  My last hope is God who predestined me for his purpose,” said Ligomeka.

Last week, former President Joyce Banda called on Peter Mutharika to explain to Malawians what transpired during the May 2014 elections that ushered him to power following Ligomeka’s claims.

Ligomeka claimed that he was among a team of information technology experts that implemented an electronic election rigging scheme in favour of Mutharika and his DPP.

“He himself had met several people and confided in them what had been going on in the course of the elections to manipulate the final results. Details about the alleged rigging scheme are awash in the media, including copies of emails exchanged for that purpose.

“It is because of these allegations and the fact that MEC had admitted that there were suspected fraudulent cases within the course of the elections that I made a statement we needed either a re-run or a recount of the votes. In the case of a re-run, I said I would not contest as a presidential candidate to demonstrate that my decision was not based on greed. The issues that Ligomeka has raised are very serious, which cannot just be wished away. Malawians deserve to know what really happened,” expressed Banda while still in self-exile.

However, DPP still denies its involvement in rigging the elections in which they emerged winners.



  1. Remain alittle time,like blink of an eye,all evil shall be delt with and put open.God cant allow his people to be fooled all the time.2019 God will provide the anointed one not this king saul!!!!

  2. anamupha malawi mwakabisira,Pano tonse tikungokanda palibe zikumuendela mwa mtidzi,Nyonganani mwamkabisi momwemo,Patalowa mbewa simunafune odya nae,Lero pot ndi njoka ndie mudye ndi anthu!NO!no!NO!Phanani chuma comwe unapatsidwaco fanz idye nao ikakwatira akaz ako ndi ana ako.

  3. I can’t believe You,unless You help Dr Chisi to win 2019 elections,otherwise nice short story and on grammar I give You 7/10

  4. I thought is the same media amati prophet wasanduka njoka Ku Lilongwe aja?Shud we believe this story or zolemba zinasowanso ndiyemwati muyambe zimenezi.I don’t think this will help us as nation if it was a mistake then we made it let’s forget it,and anthu ngati awa a Ligomekawa tizingowamvera they have nothing to offer to us ena ndiawo akubisalawo chomwe akuopa pali be shataapuuuuuuuu

  5. Eyaaa where were you when they were announcing the results you were not in Jupiter or Mars but you kept your mouth shut. Madame JB was just alone trying to tell. the nation on what was happening, and now what are you trying to tell us, yes you deserve it kuzindikira mochedwa njovu zikuwonga

  6. Guys kodi mukudana naye bwanji Peter instead tidane ndi munthu yemwe waba ndalama zathu zamisonkho ama nyuzi nanu ngati mwasowa zolemba kulibwino musiye coz u ar d 1who are bringing xame hugger maggers in dis nation. Kodi wakutumani ndi Jb mwina kuti muzilemba zinthu ngati zimenezi? Pali inu nyasa ndi Zodiac mumangopeka nkhani zingobweresa chisokonezo mziko basi pano amayi anu akusiya ndale kaya mulowera kuti kaya?

    1. I think you are not a Malawian. if you were a Malawian you would have known Malawians are suffering becoz of the so called president, who does not care that Malawians are suffering. Malawi24, keep on telling us the truth.

  7. U idiot man!!!!!! I neva see such a stupid person like u in ma life, now u r scared???? Why u didn’t get scared that time u was rigging? U r scared for few pipo now whyu didn’t scared for million of us that time? Don’t be scared u deserve it

  8. Peter ndiwabwinobwino chitsiru ndi chi ligomekacho chisowe kumene.devlish minded person amalawi osamvera ameneyo ndiwaoyipa akuipitsa anthu ankapangilanji?

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  10. He is not a whistle blower in my opinion. He is a fool who helped rob all malawians of their right of choice. I think DPP will do no harm if they sort him out.

  11. Waonatu , you have been used as a condom, usamapange zibwana zopanga hack for stealing, we hack to protect not steal. mapazi ako zoba iwe

  12. Ligomeka is biggest fool… Nobody can even plot to kill u for u ar nothing special. Kufuna kutchuka pa Malawi sitimatero. Peza nkhan ina yot utchukire kape iwe!!!

  13. Munthu wanzeru sanganene zinnthu zopusa ngati zimenezo”ndine ndinapangisa Dpp kuti yiwine” woyenera kumangidwa anthu ake ndamenewo.wayanika mano akuwuza amalawi zopusa zake

  14. Aligomeka asanamize mutundu wamalawi kuti akulandira chiwophyezo chofuna kuphedwa akunama Ligomekayo. Kodi aligomeka mutanamiza mtundu wamalawi kuti DPP yinawina chisankho chifukwa cha inu pano mwapeka ili. Chitani manyazi ponama angakupheni ndindani. Musiyeni munthu alamulire bwino bwino. Kodi chimanga chija mmati chinawola kutinamiza mutipo bwa? Nanga ndege munatipo chani. Kodi olamuladziko lino mukuti achokera kuti

  15. so u want protection huh? u betrayed the whole nation bomboclat! ufe kumene, r u not happy now that amalawi tikuvutika kwambiri pano, that’s what u wanted u have achieved ur goal.. its right to eliminate fools like u, coz mapeto ake muzagulitsa dziko kwa azungu..

  16. Thank heavens kut ukuulula kut ndiwe one of them ukutionesa zowawa chomchi, munthu wosakonda dziko, uli chimodzimodz ndi magay. May zimene walosela Joshua nawe zisakuphonye pamodz ndi anzakowa.

    1. Bwino Nazo Zinazi Kumasamala Ndipakamwa Pamenepo Udzayankha Nazo Iyeyo Joshwa Angolosela Zakwina Bwanji Zikumulephera Zake Iyeyo Ndi Mulungu

  17. Anthu zoona alibe pabwino.Munthu kukuwuzani,” How DPP Rigged Elections” instead of asking him to tell you more you are in the forefront wanting to KILL HIM.” WHAT FOR?” PLEASE!!!!!! PLEASE !!!! My fellow Malawians,LETS NOT THROW THE WATER WITH THE BABY ie after bathing the Baby.In Ligomeka’s Story ,there is Good lessons and positives ones which can help us as a Malawi Nation and also there is a Bad side/Frustrations/Anger upon hearing what rigging scenario happened on Elections Day in 2014.On the POSITIVES:
    -[1}Let me say ,this is GoodNews bcoz all along we did smell a rat on how DPP won the Elections and people had been saying that, Saulos Chilima had a hand in Election rigging since he had control of Airtel Communication Company who were transmitting the Results that time.This was just a RUMOUR ,but now our susciption has been VINDICATED bcoz of Ligomeka’s REVEALATIONS.
    [2]This will give DPP tough time to prove to us that ,they are failing now bcoz they didn’t WIN the Elections.
    [3]This will also warn us ,and other Opposition Parties to be Extra careful with these rigging tactics.
    [4]MEC also has to be careful of their Transmitting Systems to avoid this Hacking tactic from happening again in future.
    On the NEGATIVE side or Bad side:
    [1]its painful to hear these stories now when Elections were done and dusted long time ago and there is nothing we can do now.We are suffering of DPP bad rule bcoz of this Ligomeka and rigging friends.But all in all,lets not focus on the BAD side of Ligomeka revealations.
    Let us ask him to tell us more so that we should know more and find out which other people were involved and as a Nation let take action for others to learn and kuti asadzabwerenzenso.Whether it was DPP’s plan to rig the Elections,they ve to be punished.They can be Banned for some years without running for office so that other parties can learn from them.
    I WAS WONDERING ,”KODI MBENDERA ankalira chiani”,NOW I KNOW WHY HE CRIED.He was FORCED to declare the RIGGED results to the Malawi Nation while he knew what went wrong during the Elections.
    My Fellow Malawians,remember,”THERE IS NO SECRET UNDER THE SUN”,see now how GOD works.He has revealed to us the truth.The Isralites demanded a KING from God,and God to prove the Isralites wrong that they have chosen a wrong King,in the passage of time God showed them the FAULTS/[zoyipa zomwe Saul ankachita] of Saul the King and revealed their better future King who was DAVID, the annointed one.The same is the Case with Malawi Politics right now.Lets wait and see.Indeed God sometimes allow the certain situations to happen deliberately inorder to open our eyes and our understanding.Time always is the best cure for those who ve been disappointed bcoz of doing the right things in life,when the Devil manipulated the situation to his advantage.ZOONA “DZIKO NDILOZUNGULIRA,CHOULUKA CHILI CHOSE TSIKU LINA CHIMADZATERA BASI”.

  18. Gyz musamuchedwese ameneyo ife zomwe tidavotera sizimene mudauluza zja iphani ameneyo ngati mlw tikuva kuwawa mbuzi yke ndi imeneyo sibola ufe wekha kusiyana kufa khwimbi la aanthu ndimene unachitira ufiti wk umati ukukonda munthu ng’onayo ikudye wekha.

  19. Ligomeka you indeed needs to be assassinated so that other stupid pple like you must get a lesson,you’ve made lots of poor malawians to suffer and even others are dying in hospitals simply cause of your greedy…..!!

  20. You are supposed to reap what you sow,100% you are right to be killed you are astupid human by nature,if what you have said earlier is anything to go by then even the DPP government is right not to give you anything you abastard greedy creature,the whole nation is starving because of you acrocodile and even people who knows where exactly you stay they have not to put alaugh on you you need to be killed and the money you are demanding has to be used at your funeral ceremony,so who do you think could be on your side defending you uselless man?shutup and dont talk anymore “God will bail us from these evil things like he did in MCP regime”


  22. Umayenera kukhala millionare pano,osati kafamsiyanji ngati mmene ukuonekeramu,DPP singakugwiritse ntchito ngati imeneyi osakulipira,wabodza iwe,akukutumayo akupweteketsa.

  23. Kikkkkkki DPP will push you far to hell,because u steal the votes so they will kill u for dat,if u Ligomeka was refuse u was gonna have peace and safe now because of dyera GOD have spoken kuzera mwa DPP.


  25. Zopusa basi iwe akuphe kumene ,Malawi sakutukuka chifukwa chanthu ngati inu.pastor yo akusungila chani.

  26. Iwe ukufuna asakuphe pamene ukuzuzitsa amalawi.amalawi pano ali pa moto coz of u,asanakuphe uzuzike Kaye kenako akuphe munthu woyipa iwe.

  27. Iwe deal ngati imeneyo ndi ya mult million, ndiye pano uziti ulibe kalikose? Koma ndi Dzete mkulu ameneyu, ndiye popeza aMalawi tikufuna kutchuka mnjila zosiyana siyana ndiye iye waganiza zotchuka ndi imeneyi, koma kukptfunika atamangidwa ngati zili zoona zoti akufuna kumupha, amuphe kumene chifukwa cha uchitsiru wake!

  28. His sins are following him. Asshole now is busy telling shit. Why he ddnt refuse in the first place. He was hungry for money which he doesn’t have n has been duped
    Mbuzi ya munthu. Anthu akupanga ndalama ndi IT inu nkumagwiritsa ntchito njira zoyipa. U deserve IT n u will die by IT

  29. Hahahaha amati ali pawindo aja sadalipire minbus fare kodi? kkkkkk asike, asike,kkkkk,aaah aah ndimadabwatu kukhala pa windo atatulusa mutu akuyimba mluzi,kani kuti conductor asayitanise ndalama ngati wapereka kale? kkkk.Conspirancy [email protected],Well done ligomeka.

  30. Boma linayamba laberedwa mavoti zoona zimenezo ,chipani chotsutsa mphavu yobera akayitenga kuti mungovomera zinavuta basi anthu sanakukondeni .kulira konseku wina mpaka kuthawa zaboza izi.DDP NDIKATUNDU WOLEMETSA

  31. Bt the way u looks;u dnt deserve what comes from ur mouth n lwish if the next paper can say that UA died!!munthu opanda mzimu!!

  32. A Malawi anzanga,don’t blame Ligomeka only but tokhanso tinagulitsa dziko lathu at a very low price.Tangokumbukirani your role you have taken to put this rubbish government into power.

  33. WE SAY WE ARE FREE! WHAT’S FREEDOM WE SAY? “FREEDOM TO DO WHAT WE WANT TO DO!” But stop for a minute and think, “what makes you want to do what you want to do?” You might come to realize that our very wants and desires have been what? INDUCED! So that the things we really want and desire are those things that maintain the system of white domination and destroy us as a people. Yet, we object to anyone speaking about them because we see our indulging in them as some expression of our what? ‘FREEDOM!” In this system of white domination when you “let a people free” and yet you must maintain them in subordination, with their “freedom of choice,” they must always what…CHOOSE THE WRONG THING! But you give them a foolish pride into thinking that since “they have choices,” they’re therefore “FREE.” A VERY SLICK SYSTEM! It also induces the captive African to behave in such a way that they’ll politically, socially, economically and otherwise support the European establishment. That is, apparently to their own accord and also to the detriment of their own, without being conscious of doing so. WHY SHOULD AFRICANS BE MADE TO FEEL UGLY? What is the function of associating ‘blackness” and UGLINESS, “blackness” and UNCLEANLINESS, “blackness” and being UNLOVABLE? Is it purely some racist attitude of some evil people? What do many blacks do when they feel ugly? They go out and spend a lot of money. But what’s happening here? Who do they spend it with? Who gets the bulk of the money spent? In other words the African feeling ugly, unclean and inferior, in their attempt to compensate for those feelings of ugliness, uncleanliness and inferiority, goes to the very Europeans who made them feel that way to begin with and purchases from them (OVERCOMPENSATES).

    Therefore, maintain whites who’ve destroyed their SELF-IMAGE to begin with, in POWER! Do you think, then, that a politico-socioeconomic system that depends on a bunch of people trying to compensate for feelings of ugliness, uncleanliness and inferiority by buying brand names—”I ONLY WEAR BRANDS, YOU KNOW!”—is ever really going to let you out of those feelings of ugliness, uncleanliness, inferiority? IT CAN’T! It’s politico-socioeconomically dependent upon those feelings. IF WE WERE MADE TO FEEL NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL, DON’T YOU KNOW THAT WE’LL DESTROY THE COSMETICS INDUSTRY? So we must feel that nature itself has not made us beautiful, so we must compensate for it. Therefore, we can see, then, that the inducement of ugliness, uncleanliness, inferiority and other negative feelings must stay in black people. So that in trying to compensate for them, we’ll economically, politically and otherwise support Europeans, who’ve induced them in the first place. The fact that we may wrestle with SELF-ESTRANGEMENT and such isn’t just a feelings that we’re having within ourselves. The ALIENATION of black people (globally) is politico-socioeconomically functional and not just a feeling you have in your mind. To be alienated doesn’t only means that one suffers a split within the personality, doesn’t know themself or feels estranged from themelf. To be alienated is to essentially be determined by forces outside oneself and to the enhancement of those aliens. WE’RE ALIENATED SO THAT WE CAN SERVE ALIENS! An alienated people can only spend money with and support aliens. Europeans will never destroy the alienation among us because ALIENATION IS FUNCTIONAL FOR WHITE ECONOMIC, SOCIAL & POLITICAL DOMINANCE…THAT’S ITS ULTIMATE FUNCTION! – Dr Amos Wilson

  34. LIGOMEKA tell us what you want us to do? Innocent souls are now in trouble because of your greedy. Bwampini, I think now you know why God is silently punishing you. You are earning alot of money, yes, but you will never have a peace of mind. Let’s be honest, You forced your self into presidential sit but God did not choose you and we did not vote for you. Just resign and be a peaceful man like me. I’m very poor because of you ( you are stealing my money through high amount of tax collection) but Iam always happy and joyful because of my heavenly father.

  35. U all are stupit pple hw cud u do dat u monkeys?ndpo iweyo ligomeka akphe kmene ndpo itakhala yot anthu azawonelele ndtha mmozi mwa ozaonelera umafna aktenge wabwno?xo c nw aktembenukra.pano ut uztnyasa sopano kmatuza mbwelera zakozo ukfna ife titan,ndpo amene aksungawo akukusungra umulungu omwewo munthu oipa ngat iwe,uztnamiza kt ukfna ukhale pastor wa youth pobisalira 2019 uzavumbulukeso galu iwe anthu akfa kamba ka iwe mbuzi ya muntu.

  36. salakwisa ndipo akuchedwa kukupha,malawians are suffering because of your stupidity taona munthu wako yemwe ukuti unamuthandizayo tiziti mavuto onsewa sakuwaona carry on guys kill this incopetent fool

  37. zakhala bwanji kuti uulule pano, .2014 unali kuti? ngati sakumalizire ndalama zako izo Chilima nzakoyo sizikumuyenderanso musova, tidikira uthenga mukaphana

  38. Ndachitsiru amenewo abwera poyera chifukwa chiyan? Ife tiziwe kt iwowo ndiye dolo ? Kapena kungofuna kuipisa dpp yo? Ndiye angawakhulupirire ndindani iwowo ? Popeza ngat ndichoncho palibe mun2 angawakonde,(1),alibe chilungamo kwa m’malawi wina aliyese (2)adawononga malawi ense (3),iwowo adapusisa aMalawi ose ngati zisiru ameneyo andisamale naneso pandekha adzadya zoononga moyo ngati mmene wandipangira kundiyendetsa mminga ngat ine osaona ndigalu mbuzi eni eni chisiru chamun2 iye akamatero akufuna ndivebwanji ine kuvutika kutaya nthawiyanga osaziwa china chikunditola chimbuzi ayende mochenjera ameneyo mundifikisire uthenga wangawu malo nthawi alibe ndatenga tikumana moyendamu

  39. who voted this magogo so called Joicey Mtira Banda to b a president/it was just gwilize mkodze((mwayi imfa ya Bingu)even come votes tody can she win? This Ligomeka deserve to b arrested 4sho

  40. Inu mmamuchimwira Mulungu ndipo amakukhululukirani mu zambiri, then why not iyeyu? Akakhala ma vote nde tinadziwa kale kuti panayenda chinyengo

    1. Inu Mumatero Nthawi Zonse Simunavomelezepo Kt Boma Ili Lawinira Chilungamo Nthawi Zonxe Atibela Udf Mumati Inakubelani Dpp Mwati Inatibela Pano Mukuti Atibela Muzavomeleza Liti

  41. who voted this magogo so called Joicey Mtira Banda to b a president/it was just gwilize mkodze((mwayi imfa ya Bingu)even come votes tody can she win?

  42. A Malawian I know will enjoy reading…talk about it without kuchitapo kanthu…Malawians believe that President angle government will give them freedom without realising that freedom has to be fought for.change the mind set Malawi plz.otherwise these crazy lines will continue

  43. Yes, good new! U r the one who threw us into a ‘fryingpan’ coz of ur love for many not ur nation and ur relatives!!!

  44. Usayambe wafa chonde ndikufuna tikumane kaye I need something from u ndikadzapeza ndikufunazo I will kill u myself with my bare hands

  45. In fact they are delaying to slaughter him. They should have done away with him last year. He is a person who has brought misery to this country by ushering in the dpp. All these problems we face to-day its becoz of this idiot. You gain no sympathy from us, useless man.

  46. Bisani matenda koma maliro tizaziwa. Lero ndiizi, zinali zabwino pachiyambi paja kwalero lina ng’ombe zayang’ana kungolo. Ndinanena ine pachiyambi paja kt pali munthu yemwe akuwagwira ma call mkumawasokonesa anthu mkumati ndine openga, billion ya anthu akusowa mtendele obadwa nawo kamba kaiwe. Lero Chauta wakutulukila unkhoswe wabwela poyela. Malawi ndi uyu ukumuonayu waonongeka, utiuza kwa Lero lino kt tipange recounting ??????????

  47. Mad Ligomeka, how did you know that the death threats are coming from DPP? And if it is true that you helped to rig then you must be punished. But to be honest DPP was legally elected by us.

  48. iweyo! ligomeka ndi galu wamva upedwe basi chitsilu galu wamunthu wamva ukuulula coz akumana ndalama panyo pako galu zopusa basi

  49. Has to be slaughtered like the way we are going to do with the gays,stupid ppo destroying the beautiful Malawi coz of dyera,now Malawi on sell,my foot!

  50. No wonder when he is receiving threats,Ligomeka you are greedy can’t you see what you have cost many people are now suffering because of you,we need to get rid of you people in our beautiful country Malawi.

  51. Ufe aise ulibe phindu, mphoto ya uchimo ndi imfa!!unkapangiranji?? Give us evidence o u face ur own death.

  52. Nde apanso from lero chipani cholamula ndi PP osati DPP coz munachita kubera ,,,ufulu wathu a Malawi ugwilitsidwe ntchito ,,,,Mayi ayenera kupitiliza ntchito yake

  53. Mmene mumakambirana zoberazo bwanji siunabwere poyera nkuwulula?Pano akuchenjeresa wayambano kufuna thandizo?Iwe mbuzi kwabasi,taona anthu mmene akuvutikira mdziko muno?Akuphe kumene ndipo zilangozo ukakumana nazo ase.

  54. he must have known that wen he decided to share his ugly acts with us otherwise am sure if Malawians should feel sorry for u!! amaembekezera ma card a best wishes from DPP??

  55. he must have known that wen he decided to share his ugly acts with us otherwise am sure if Malawians should feel sorry for u!! amaembekezera ma card a best wishes from DPP??

    1. Does the article say he is in Malawi? ?. Now if he was instructed to go to Malawi’s high commissioner by police, which high commissioner is this if he is right here in Malawi? Mwawelenga article koma?

    2. I dont read articles posted by malawi social media, they all post falce stories. Just yesterday they said one prophet has turned to a snake but verified reports are saying it was all lies. Sorry man i only comment, are you offended?

  56. aphedweeee….aphedweeee….aphedweeeee munthu onyansa mtimayo….olo titapanga referendum ameneyo akhoza kuponyedwa pa makako

  57. aphedweeee….aphedweeee….aphedweeeee munthu onyansa mtimayo….olo titapanga referendum ameneyo akhoza kuponyedwa pa makako

  58. Chitsilu cha munthu chimenechi,simmesa mmene ankaberamo anafumbatitsidwa,lero akuuluriranji pomwe zinthu zinaonongeka kale,chiphedwe kumene,ndi angati anthu afa coz of dyera lanu? You deserve it,kill him osamusiya kapolo ameneyo

  59. Chitsilu cha munthu chimenechi,simmesa mmene ankaberamo anafumbatitsidwa,lero akuuluriranji pomwe zinthu zinaonongeka kale,chiphedwe kumene,ndi angati anthu afa coz of dyera lanu? You deserve it,kill him osamusiya kapolo ameneyo

  60. yes akuphe kumene , becoz you’re the first man kupha mtundu wa amalawi ife , ndipo akuchedwa kwambiri , anthu akuvutika dziko muno kamba ka iwe , mankhwala , njala , kamba ka iwe

  61. yes akuphe kumene , becoz you’re the first man kupha mtundu wa amalawi ife , ndipo akuchedwa kwambiri , anthu akuvutika dziko muno kamba ka iwe , mankhwala , njala , kamba ka iwe

  62. Iweyo ulibe nzeru, mmene umathandiza kubera mavoti umafuna ukhale ndani akuphe basi unagulisa mavoti aanthu,ukuzudzitsa anthu osalakwa.

  63. Iweyo ulibe nzeru, mmene umathandiza kubera mavoti umafuna ukhale ndani akuphe basi unagulisa mavoti aanthu,ukuzudzitsa anthu osalakwa.

  64. Kiling him would only prove that what he was saying is the truth it would be stupid to kill him but unfortunately dpp is plagued by over zealous and retrogressive supporters and also member so they would try it

  65. Kiling him would only prove that what he was saying is the truth it would be stupid to kill him but unfortunately dpp is plagued by over zealous and retrogressive supporters and also member so they would try it

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