Malawi banking its future on drug addicts


Education authorities in the northern region have noted with great concern the habits of students in the region who are fast becoming drug addicts.

They have told Malawi24 that they often receive reports from most head teachers concerning the increase in the number of students who are abusing drugs openly in schools.

District education manager for Nkhatabay Mzondi Moyo told our reporter that about half the population of students in the district are drug abusers.

He said he receives reports of students being found puffing marijuana. “The trend hasn’t spared pupils in primary schools here. I often receive reports on drug abuse among scholars a thing which is worrisome.

Marijauana is being smoked big time.

“Nowadays most young people are becoming fond of dangerous drugs that they are not even concentrating on their studies,” said Moyo.

In Mzimba, schools like Euthini secondary are said to be breeding grounds for drug abusers such that most students reaches the extent of bouncing out of the school premises just to access drugs. During a recent visit to Euthini Secondary School by our reporter, some students confessed that they go out usually at night to drink and smoke Marijuana.

“Education is the second thing here. As I am speaking to you now, my colleagues are already gone to our usual drinking joints. Smoking Marijuana seems to be a must for everyone at this institution, those who come here as holy, they go home changed,” said one form three student (name withheld).

Our reporter encountered similar situations in schools such as Yamba CDSS in Chitipa, Rumphi secondary school, and Katoto secondary school in Mzuzu.

In primary schools where they offer porridge to pupils, learners were mixing it with liquor. Publicist in the ministry of education Rebecca Phwitiko was not immediately available for a comment.



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  2. The fruits of “uncontrolled” freedoms. We will end having a drinking nation that is unproductive. This is a real issue compared to the noise that we have had lately from Virginia Palmer and her associates. Government should act now about how we can build a better and productive Malawi. Let’s do away with any activities and events which are seen to be promoting societal breakdown. Awa, awa, awa akuoneka ngati akutithandizawa akutisocheretsa. We can learn better things from our oriental friends than these westerners with their Western Anglo-Saxon Philosophy of life.

  3. Kusangalala kuti mwana wamulungu wabadwa inu ndie mowa, fodya, akazi, zimenezi ndie kuti yesu amapanga?tizimvere tokha chisoni tikulakwa azatikana ‘yesu` sindikuziwani inu ayi.

  4. Zimenezi ndie zopusa tikudarila inu kuti mwina pemphero yanu mulungu ayankha kumalawi kuno zinthu sizikuyenda mavuto andalama azakudya inu mukutukwana kulezera chiwerewere zopusabac.

  5. akadakhala mulomwe ndibwenzi mutamutukwana, kumpalasa kwambiri. koma poti ndi nTumbuka mLhomwe alibenazo ntchito zokumba munthu ntundu, Ukulu ukuwayenera monga oleza ntima, gentle.

  6. malawi banking its future on drug addicts…. the title and the story, do they match? now am wondering if i went to a good school, or vice vesa.

  7. …the issue is not xmas whatsover but overpopulation. Imagine how many addicts where there in the early eighties, but becoz there were few people around. Another thing its technology, weird news nowadays flow like bush fires.

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