Pensioners cry for more money

Goodall Gondwe

Pensioners in Malawi have demanded an increase in the package they receive from government every month saying that the current package is not meeting the cost of living.

Speaking to the local press, Public Service Pensioners Association (PUSEPA) President White Samute suggested that government should adjust the package from K4,000 to K15,000 per month.

Goodal Gondwe
Gondwe: Had announced of the move.

“The money that is given to us is not enough, we have extended families, and the cost of living is very high,” said Samute.

In November, Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe told the nation in Parliament that government, in the 2015/16 budget, has planned to pay all pensioners their arrears to end their misery.

The minister also promised the House that the budget included payment of arrears for all retired civil servants.



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