Malawi government on money splashing spree


Malawi Government has presented K2.6 million to businesspeople at area 18 Market in Lilongwe as a compasation after they lost their merchandise to a fire that gutted the market on September 17.

The fire at Area 18 was one of several to hit markets this year, including a blaze at Mzuzu main market.

Kondwani Nankhumwa

Nankhumwa: Presented the compensation

Speaking after presenting the money, minister of local government and rural development Kondwani Nankhumwa said that President Peter Mutharika released the money as a condolence to the vendors.

According to Nankhumwa, they decided to assist the vendors with the money to help them in terms of capital.

“For Area 18 we have left K2.6 million considering the number of vendors,” he said.

He also disclosed that Lilongwe City Council will provide building materials to be used in the reconstruction of the market.

A week ago, government gave K13.5 million to vendors at Vigwagwa Market in Mzimba as consolation for losing goods to a fire that gutted the market.




  1. Giving them money just like that definately motivates them to continuing act in a very barbaric manner.Leave them & spend govt monies wisely.

  2. Asamawapatse,coz akumaotcha dala timisika taoti apumbwa anyawu.ndi liti mwamvapo kuti msika wapsa ku blantyre?? Why alwayz central&northern regions?? Ndi mbava zimenezi.boma lisiiletu zomapereka ndalama.a tima business akuphunzire kugula insurance ngati ine.

  3. I Hope dis is not a game masterminded by demselves bcos I strongly beliv dat someone is deliberately hiring pple 2 set abraze dose markets jst 2 come in later on & shed clocodile tears as a way of buying favour from de busines community.

  4. Government should tell the beneficiaries to start ensuring their goods so that insurance provides the compensation!!!
    ATI is not for atolankhani okha it is for all of us who want various information for various purposes
    Like making sure government spend money for resources that benefit the poor and the country and that there is no cashgate;
    Information for research and the like

  5. Freedom to fools ndiye mkumalirira Access To Information Bill…Zitsiru za ampeka nkhani…..What do u mean when u say govt in money splashing spree???……masaveji akumalawi…

  6. tiyambire anzathu a new mbuzi!!!!!!! heading and story completely parallel.the people commenting ndiyee iiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!! remember politics will take you nowhere.

  7. Koma ndiye amalawi kaya mulungu anati lenga bwanji? tikudabwitsa ndithu monga chonse choyipa chikachitika wolamula boma,mwina musogoleri or chipani cholamula 1,osanenapo chalakwa 2,chikayankhapo chalakwa 3,osachitapo kanthu or chithandizepo chalakwa koma wosusa akhale chete mwina akayendere ndikuthandiza pang’ono chabe palibepo penaponse kuzuzulapo, ndiye anthu panopa kumizi akudabwitsidwa nazo kwambiri poti munthu wakaferedwa samasankha kuti wonipe mwina mundipepese ndi motero ndi chuma chotero ai simatero

  8. I repeat Malawians we are not really organised as a Nation and that’s why we always face severe challenges,very wrong time for compensation because we don’t drugs in Hospitals and one meal a day in many Hospitals

  9. Then which government has no money? Could this be that there is money but we are failing to manage? It is good to compesate at the right time. These people have gone through hell and most of them are in big debts because of slow decision making for the right cause. We are very quick to spend on useless things.

  10. Does anybody see a parten here?I mean these markets are burning one after the other and in all the scenarios the government has compensated the victims or traders who lost the Dpp not torching these markets on purpose to get to these people for popularity or as they say Votes?coz as far as I can see its very I ronic that the markets that are burning are mostly in areas where DPP is rather weak..not to be prujiced towards the DPP adminstration,but rather this should be seen as a mere observation.

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