5 killed in road accident at Linthipe

Accident- Linthipe
    Accident- LinthipeOh my word.

Five Malawian women have died in a road accident at Linthipe 3 in Dedza along M1 road when a Toyota Passo they were traveling in got involved in a head on collision with a truck.

According to Dedza Police deputy spokesperson Cassim Manda,  27 year-old Lindiwe Mhone who was driving the Passo, registration number MN 3401, decided to overtake a Mozambican truck but in the process it hit a Malawian truck coming in the opposite direction.

The others are yet to be identified.

Lindiwe Mhone
Lindiwe Mhone: Dead.

“Upon reaching Nyangwa village, she decided to overtake a Mozambican truck but unfortunately, another truck was coming in the opposite direction, forcing the victim to drive at a higher right edge not knowing that the opposite truck driver had the same plan as a result, they got involved in a head on collision, with Mhone’s vehicle completely destroyed and killing everybody in the process,” he said.

The victim was working for Multi-choice Malawi but Police are yet to identify the names of the other four victims.

Police are since calling upon people to contact police to identify the others who are at a mortuary at the district hospital.



  1. Why should we always haea of accident at Linthipe can the government do something by devating the road from the present course to another may be someone in the government knows what is happening. Maybe evil spirits are doing their work. The government should consult the traditional leaders of that area. TRADITIONAL NSEMBE ZITSILIDWE KUTI MIZIMU YAO IGONE APO BI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. only jah knws bt memories stil remainz rest in jah everlastn luv, rest in peace

  3. tonly jah knws bt memories stil remainz rest in jah everlastn luv, rest in peace

  4. The funel ceremony is today area 3 behind bishop mackenzie inter school and Lindiwe, is expected to laid at area 18. Rest in peace LINDIWE.

  5. When we hear of death, we are always surprised. Doesnt the Bible tell us that one day we shall die n leave everything we have accumulated on earth? Let us mend our relationship with God.

    1. Givinor yes we are always surprise just because we dont know the exactly time and date we are going to be separated with our loved ones

  6. Very sad news to the bereaved families. Main problm z that w dont knw wen w will kick the bucket. Moto umapita komwe kwatsala tchire. Let us repent, tomoro it will b u or me. May the good Lord touch the bereaved families.

  7. I should correction those who are confused because of (likes), there’s nothing wrong with that, as what others they have did it here coz is the way they feel themselves or to feel affection for smething else due to accidental death.

  8. Thats really bad ndipo tilibedi mzinda wokhalitsa padziko pano, may their souls rest in peace but listen… All those who are in Christ ngakhale atafa koma adzakhala ndi moyo, says my BIBLE. No matter what kind of death it can be but imfa ndiyowawa ndipo aliyense ali ndi imfa yake yomwe adzachoke nayo padziko lapansi including myself even u urself. The most important thing is to be in good relationship with God, being faithfull that even if we die and leave people crying but God must say come u r mine, enter my Kingdom…. Be in Christ always bcz u dont knw ur day and be blessed. Once again May their souls rest in peace!

    1. Powerful Cos Henry Chimpeni. With this comment you have preached to 45 people already and the choice is there’s for the taking. We really need to get ready to meet Christ in His glory. Death is a just a tunnel for us to go to be with the Lord.

    1. Apadi pakufunika inu amwene muzindikile meaning ya like, and its not happening in malawi only even ku europe

  9. I don’t understand abwt this place e road is not scary o poor but wen accidents occur thy claim life zikufunika God’s intervention

  10. so sad mmmmm may God Comfort their families in Jesus Name Amen

  11. sad! and before ileave aword to all motorists am adriver,ngozi zambiri zimachitika because of excitement so plz when you are on the wheels take your time don’t rush and ngati mzako walakwitsa ukhonza kuchitapo kanthu kukonza cholakwitsa chamzako mwachikondi tiyenera kudziwa kuti moyo ndi ofunika popeza anthu akuyendapansewu amakhala ndi maudindo ena amasiya ana omwe amadalira iwo,kusamalira odwala ndizinazambiri tiyambe ndife kupewa kodi muliokonzeka kusamara?

  12. hey so bad, i have seen em c my own eyes, i couldn’t hold my tears my er soul rest n perfect piece!!! koma its only 1 woman & 4 men!!!

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  14. Mozambican Truck drivers are always rude on the road. please take note. May their souls rest in peace

  15. Death Is Un Predictable If It Was Predictable These Ladies The Could Not Start The Engen,un Fortunetely We Never Know What Comes In The Next Sec,min, Hour Day,weak, Month,year, And What Have U, May There Souls Rest In Peace,

  16. Too good to die Lindiiiii,can’t hold my tears.Tizazindikira bwino patsogolo why it has to be uuuu eversmiling sweet angel..Rest in peace beautiful Lindiwe…

    1. Abale Satana Amakhala Ndi Nthawi Yodzichitira Nsembe. Ndipo Pasembeyi Amamwera Magazi A Anthu. Tiyeni Tiyike Mulungu Ps Tsongolo Pa Ulendo Wathu.

  17. This is tragedy and i doubt if some corpses will be found intact because it seem the truck just stampled on the small passo. That aside, at what speed were these women travelling, 5 women of malawian weight they must have overloaded the passo, this accident is blamed on drivers error not to clearly see if the other lane was free of on coming trafic, may be visibility was poor, or else driving under the influence of alcohol, stress to have been late or rushing for loved ones. Lets excersice care and patience as our roads are not dual carriages ….. we rgrett the loss of them all instead of xmasing it will be mourning for their families….God console

  18. Every year linthipe linthipe and the Governmant limadziwa koma silifuna kutengapo mbali chifukwa chakuti limapezapo Magazi Secrete socitey Agalu inu anthu wosawopa mulungu inu

    1. Sorry Naomi kutwakwana ku ndi kuwawidwa ntima kuti uganize mofasa malo amenewo pamachitika ngozi zowopha ndichifukwa ndikuti Boma lamalawi litengepo mbali chifukwa cha Misewu yathu ilibe Road Reserve form wait to yellow basi koma za palinthipe likudziwa ndi boma

  19. Zoona mpkna kutenga mayi okongola ngti uyu aaaaaaaa! Kma iwe maliro (RIP) ndkhalanso ndne kmanso uyu wacomenter m’musimu ngkhalenso uyo sadalembepo apa coz tidzabwerera ndthu. Fumbi ku fumb, dothi ku dothi.

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