Man drowns in Luchenza River


DrowningA 29 year-old Malawian man in Bangwe drowned in Luchenza River on Saturday after he went to the river to wash his clothes, police say.

Police have identified the man as Willie Pahura and said the deceased had a hearing problem. According Southern Region Police deputy spokesperson, Widson Nhlane, Pahura was learning at Nguludi School

. “The man went to wash his clothes in Luchenza River and he never returned home till evening,” said Nhlane.

He further said that the following day his dead body was found along Luchenza River at Mpheto village.

“We are appealing to parents/guardians to monitor the movements of such people who have hearing problem and never to allow them to go to the river by themselves,” he said.

Pahura hails from Magwira village T/A Chimaliro in Thyolo district.



  1. Vuto la kusamvetsetsa zikugwirizana bwanji ndikumilalo? Ikadakhala ngozi yapamsewu, zikadagwira. Rip

  2. 29 years old Ku sukulu? anali standard chain simunanenetu apa

  3. The Central Region Water Board Has All The Possibities To Make Sure That Water Is Efficient In Each & Every District So As To Reduce Water Drown Victims.

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