E-wallet organizers under fire!

Felix Njawala

Organizers of Malawi’s flagship talent show, E-wallet are facing criticisms over a feared plot of using some participants that already are known to the eyes of the mass so that they win and share the money.

Speaking with this publication on condition of anonymity, some participants said the involvement of Eunice Kadzuwa has raised eyebrows as far as the competition is concerned.

They further claim that Kudzuwa does not deserve to contest due to her background in music.

They blasted the organizers for losing their motto of unearthing the hidden talent.

Felix Njawala
Felix Njawala: Denied the accusations.

Furthermore, contestants hinted that Kadzuwa is being favored both by the judges and organizers due to the connection his husband has with the officials.

Before joining Mizu Band, Kadzuwa worked with Mibawa Band.

“Involving her in the competition is a serious concern to all of us. She already has a platform of his music career which means she is well established. E-wallet is supposed to give room to us who our talent is not known,” worried the contestants.

About 14 contestants were picked to battle it out at national level from all the three regions of Malawi but only 12 will participate in this year’s competition.

But in his remarks, E-Wallet Chairperson Felix Njawala described the accusations as pro-founding.

According to him Kadzuwa is illegible to contest the competition.

He said that the rules of the competition do not bar her from participating.

Njawala added that the the competition gives room to everyone who has has not produced an album or has an album but has not sold it.

Stated Njawala, “It depends on their perception who ever are making such allegations. As organizers we have rules which we go by. According to us there is nothing that stops her from participating and she is not the only one. Our motto is to unearth the hidden talent and if you ask a man from the streets he will not identify her, but someone from the pub will recognize her. By end of a day we have rules and regulations that applies and we don’t segregate. As far as the rules are concerned, she is eligible to participate”

He added, “We look at someone who is not a furnished artist, a person with no album, sometimes even if you have an album but never sold your it in the market. You still needs to be unearthed because people don’t know you.”

Meanwhile, organizers are expected to host the Malawi Night on 27th December 2015 in Lilongwe where various local artists will to perform.



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