Police sweeping exercise nets five in Limbe


Malawi police in Limbe last week conducted a sweeping exercise during which they arrested five people for being found in possession of cannabis sativa.

policeAssistant public relations officer for Limbe police station, Widson Nhlane, said the suspects are Manesi Muliya, (16) Felix Namuro (35) Mike Mangire, (36) Pilirani Basikolo (19), and Sacheuka Kalombole (41).

“These suspects will appear before court after we have examination results from Bvumbwe research station,” said Nhlane.

He further said that the exercise was conducted in areas within Limbe policing areas like in Machinjiri, Makhetha, Nkolokoti, and Kachere among others.

Police is therefore appealing to the general public to continue tipping them about suspected criminals living in various locations.

Muliya hails from Likoma village, T/A Nkanda in Mulanje district, Namuro and Basikolo hail from Mwamadi village, T/A Machinjiri in Blantyre, Mangire hails from Mwamadi village T/A Machinjiri in Blantyre and Sacheuka Kalombole hails from Tembo village T/A Matoka in Balaka district.



  1. hahaha what a joke I thought you say thy confiscated weapons like fire arms and stuff that is just a smoke come on

  2. simple American Arithmetic : Gays + Lesbians = Cannabis Sativa (Chamba) as it is legal in some states & a human right in America…FREE THE ARRESTED!

  3. bzy bzy kumanga anthu amene akumayesesa kt mwna moyo wawo usinthe kmasiya amene akumagonana okhaokha nkumati muunikeso malamuro buanj osasintha kapena kuunikanso lamuro loletsa chamba?muzafa imfa yowawa apolisinu

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