Malawians can now send money from SA through Airtel money


Airtel Malawi has partnered with South Africa’s Afrocoin to help Malawians living in the country to send money home through mobile transactions.

Afrocoin Mobile Money is an online money transfer company which helps people from all over the world to send money to recipients in Africa.

Their service is accessible via internet, mobile devices, and through calling their customer service line.

Mobile-PhoneWhen customers send money with Afrocoin, the transferred funds are instantly disbursed to recipients through various channels including depositing into mobile money e-wallets and into bank accounts as well as through cash collection at agent locations in the destination country.

In an interview with Malawi24, Airtel said Malawians living in South Africa can meet with Afrocoin agents to register their mobile numbers.

Once registered, they will be able to send money to recipients in Malawi through Airtel money transfer and recipients will be able to get the money in Kwacha.

However, Airtel says Malawians in South Africa will only be eligible to register for Afrocoin if they have valid passport/ID and proof of residence.

Malawi24 understands that only 10 percent of Malawians living in South Africa have valid passports.

Airtel will compete with Mukuru, a Zimbabwean forex bureau which trades in the same business and allows people without valid passports to register with them.

Mukuru partnered with Standard Bank and other big shops in South Africa such as Shoprite, PEP, Pickn’Pay, Checkers and Spar.

In Malawi, Mukuru has collection points in branches of NBS Bank, Malawi Post Office and NedBank.



  1. I think the best option for your marketing strategy is to shun away from mentioning other organisation like mukuru. Am the member of Mukuru but it doesn’t allow invalid passports. I have been sending money through this institution and it has never disappointed me.Advice your reasercher to do another survey because its not good to say that most of Malawians have invalid passports this will bring bad reputation to Malawians and the country.

  2. Thanks for your service ,but I want to know how can I send the money , when this service will start and where can I gate your office or assistance here in South Africa.


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  4. That Mukuru allows people to register without passports,thats alie, we produce our valid passports, payslips and proof residents to register with them.

  5. if 10% have valid passports so where will you get customers?do like mkuru either ur passport is valid or not but you can register.

  6. U r wellcome airtell osati mukulu kutumiza pokatenga mpaka week akt ntwk yavuta ndie zichaninso zimenezo bola inuo mukhazikitse ndondomeko yabwino tidikila inu kadalama kalipoko bas tasunga f**ck mukuru

  7. Its a lie that only 10% of malawians living in SA has valid passports/ID and its a lie that mukuru registers people without valid passports/ID,,,,,, don’t bad-mouth others to make yourself look better… Just do your things and let people chose the better customer care. Amalawi kuzolowera zokhomelerana bwanji!!!,,,,

  8. iwe Chris suziwa kuti mikuru ndi yakuzimbabwe?ndiye ife tilekeranji kunyadira basi ife abale takulandilani ndi manja awiri Bola musakhe mukutinmiza tapangani zimenezo fast fast mukuru akuba kwambiri.ife tikufuna tizilemelesa company ya kwathu kumalawi Osati kuzimbabwe

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