Malawi police officers drilled on technology usage


Police in the country have been urged to fight crime by learning new techniques as technology is improving day by day.

Malawi Police Inspector General Lexten Kachama made the call at Zomba Police Training during the graduation of 30 police officers and 5 immigration officers from a commanding and leadership course.

Kachama said that with the advancement of technology, criminals are now using technological skills to steal people’s things.

Lexten Kachama
Kachama: Drilled officers.

“Police should learn those things so that they can catch criminals with the changing of technology to enable them move and reduce crime rate,” he said.

He added that the six months training the police officers went through should enable them to be exemplary to their subordinates in order to end crime in Malawi.

Speaking on behalf of the graduates, Anastanzia Botoman said the police officers will now be able to handle things according to their level and nature.

According to Botoman, the leadership and command training will remind them all of the activities they are supposed to follow throughout their work.

Command and leadership is a training that trains police officers in criminal law, human resource management, discipline, and finance knowledge.

The training involves all police officers across the country especially those promoted to senior positions.



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  3. I doubt if this article passed through the hands of competent editors. Alot of gramatical errors, worse still grave mismatch of pictures of IGs, may be because both have like names Kanyama and Kachama but they are different individuals. The least we expect is an apology from the editor in chief.

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  5. This picture is for the retired Inspector General of Police, R.P. Kanyama

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