War Within: Shake ups in Peoples Party again

Christopher Mzomera Ngwira

Following a self-imposed exile by Malawi’s ex governing  People’s Party (PP) president Joyce Banda, things continue to get chaotic within the structures of the party.

Earlier, northern region provincial chairperson, Christopher Nzomera Ngwira, endorsed Khumbo Kachali as president for the party claiming that there is a power vacuum in the party, a development that led to his suspension.

Christopher Mzomera Ngwira
Ngwira:At the helm of controversy.

The party later lifted Ngwira’s suspension. But on Wednesday, after one outburst too many, PP axed Ngwira from his position as northern region provincial chairperson and member of the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC).

Speaking to local press, PP’s spokesperson, Ken Msonda said the PP has axed Ngwira because he is confusing the party.

“It is true that Ngwira has been axed as the provincial chairperson for the northern region and member of NEC, because he is confusing our party. At first when he was called for disciplinary meeting he apologized and we took his apology to be in good faith and the party lifted his suspension,” said Msonda.

Msonda further denied that there is a leadership vacuum following the absence of Banda.

He said: “Her Excellency Joyce Banda is in full control of the party and there is a vice president and general secretary, we understand those people saying that PP has leadership vacuum they are not our party members.”

Meanwhile, Nzomera remains an ordinary member of the party



  1. Kulakwa kwa Amai akudziwa ndi a bwanawo otherwise akanakhala akufunika akanasokolotsako kalekale kma evn iwowo akudziwaso kuti akabwera naoso udindowo adzatula pansi mokakamizidwa ndifeyo kkkkkkk

  2. PP!!! Pliz don’t give a blind eye to what Ngwira says!! The more Joyce Banda stays away, the more the Party Goes to the grave!! I don’t support Your Party & Never shall I Koma wakutsina khutu ndi Mwanasi!!

  3. nanu a malawi 24 pakana kulephera kulemba spelling ya controversial inu kulemba cotrovesrial….mwapanga bwaji a malawi 24 sukulu yake munapita kuti makamaka….tiyambeso kukuphunzisani dictation? kkkkkkkkkkk pa malawi pano mavuto ndiye tilinawo.

  4. The big problem is the party it self, I mean Peoples Party is a family asset of Joyce Banda, just the way it is with Joyce Banda foundation. Achina ken nsonda kaya whosoever is in this party ndiwaganyu wa JB. That’s why mukukanika kumuchotsa koma munthu ali kunja. Believe me, next to run [email protected] party will originate from her blood. Ndale za pa Malawi.

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