Malawians demand power to fire inactive MPs

Malawi Parliament Peter Mutharika

An opinion poll conducted recently by a local online newspaper indicates that voters want to have power to recall under performing Members of Parliament (MPs).

A total of 10,516 people participated in the vote which saw 9,171 people supporting the move, representing 87 percent whereas 1,345 voted against it, representing 13 percent.

Malawi Parliament Peter Mutharika
Some parliamentarians in the National Assembly have been branded ‘useless.

This comes after it has been noted with great concern that some parliamentarians do not make the welfare of their respective constituencies a priority. People in some constituencies have been complaining about their representatives’ failure to carry out development activities as they promised during campaign period.

Some MPs reside far from their constituencies and they occasionally visit to monitor development activities if any are in progress.

They only visit frequently when in hot pursuit of a parliamentary seat during the campaign period, and once re-elected, they ‘disappear’ again.

Another major concern has been the failure of some lawmakers to carry out development activities that are in need at a particular time.

Instead, the MPs blind their constituencies with minor developments which become reference points when persuading voters.

Malawi24 has established that some constituencies do not provide a second opportunity to MPs that prove not to be up to task. As a result, those trusted with power perform to people’s satisfaction to secure re-election.

However, Malawians need MPs who do not put personal interests ahead of their constituents’ as it has been the norm with some of the legislators since they consider their position as an opportunity for enrichment.

57 thoughts on “Malawians demand power to fire inactive MPs

  1. Usayambe nkhani yoti ukudziwa sungaikwanise.MPs ena samalankhula nikomwee amangofuna ndalama basi,kwawo samapitako chivoteleni.

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    life in Jesus mighty name.

  3. Ndudabwa anthu amati pitala ndiwamaphunziro ameneyu siwamisala uyu, apite Ku Zomba basi bomali angotenga a army.

  4. Absolutely fire them just because you think u want to school same of u we know you, u didn’t evn pass matric idiot

  5. Good idea,and the constitution should be amended.Should embrace 1, Recall provision,2 MPs should be of Diploma level academecally, 3 Mps should serve two TERMS ONLY.4 MPs should not hold ministrial positions, 5 Constituencies must be reduced.Plse our experts and stakeholders note this seriously and take action,if malawi is to develop. We r a laughing stock,because of greedy and poor performance of these so called politicians.

  6. I support da move,noting impossible dat wll hapen n wll help.we ar pipo n we ar da voters.Note thy useless n evin dis man we call president he is useless too.
    Tisamangoyan’gana zinazi.

  7. Not only mps,cabinet ministers too,We have the most dull cabinet since the dawn of multipartyism.Most dull are those ankhala kale pa ndale.

  8. Next time we need t/as in the house for less warges,becouse u form 4 guys u r not perfom better.i choose u to bring some change in our village but ur beassy oppose the ruling mafias.

  9. The Most Important Thing Currently Is To Fire This Useless President. Be Reminded That The Performance Of Mps Depends Mainly On The Performance Of The President. The Problem Is That Most Of Us Are Good At Speaking But Not Taking Action. This President Was Supposed To Be Fired Way Back If At All We Are Development Concious. He Has Nothing To Offer And He Is Clueless. In The Same Vain Malawians Seem To Accept Visionless Leadership. In A Nutshell, Stop Judging Mps While The President Is Not Performing. I Rest My Case.

  10. Some MPs make alot of noise in the House while they do nothing in thier areas and some stay quite while implementing development back home, who has to be fired?

  11. The same mps after noting this possibility of being fired,agreed to remove the recall provision(Section 64)from the constitution.Mphamvu zochotsa mp osachita perform adamuchotsera ovota!!

  12. lt cannot work in Malawi.Do you think these greedy,hungry,bootlickers can bring back the recall provision bill back for approval?NO!

  13. Unfortunately these opinions are coming at a wrong time! Development activities are supposed to be done by ward concilors not MPS. Its not their mandate to do the development activies. Bad ideas! shame!

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