Fake seeds land Dedza woman in the cooler

Cassim Manda
Cassim Manda
Manda: Confirmed the arrest.

Malawi Police in Dedza district on Tuesday locked up a woman for being found with fake maize seeds in her shop.

Dedza police confirmed the arrest of the suspect identified as Lucy Simengwa Mwitha, 25, who before the arrest was a clerk at Kulima Gold.

Speaking to Malawi24, Dedza Police deputy spokesperson, Cassim Manda, said they received a tip from officials who work with Mosanto Limited that Mwitha had fake batches and label for maize seed.

Manda also told our reporter that police investigations found fake maize seeds in Mwitha’s shop bearing the name Felm enterprise.

“Currently the suspect has been charged for being found in possession of counterfeit products of which she admitted,” Manda said.

Mwitha comes from Chisankhwa village in the area of Traditional Authority Mabulambia in Chitipa.



  1. Choyamba, Admn plz pitani ku Night School kapena kwacha school zilemba inuzo sichizungu koma chizungulile. chachiwiri, chithunzicho mwati wa khobayo akumvesela Radio chani imene ikukamba za chimanga cha ‘fake’ kapena kuti chimanga chomangisa?

  2. Fake Kaya original mvula yakeyi sizikymalongosoka ndinkona anaona kuti nkwabwino kuti tiyese ya fake sinanganso nyengo inasintha….ndibwera nzatenge ndione m’mene chimaonekera chimanga cha fake..Lol….

  3. I can see the only seeds these gys know are these GMO’s that are killing us. She was forced to say that because someone needs promotion

  4. Are they fake coz it’s producing them?! I bought the one you’d call genuine seed only once, several years ago & planted a selected healthy seed from my harvest which has given me same results & have over 20 of 60/70kg bags treated & stored. So I don’t know what is meant by fake seed. All you need is plant with sufficient moist, do a garden your strength or pocket can manage, weed & fertilize @ the right time with sufficient amount of fertilizer.

    1. They r a number of procedures which are followed 2 produce seed, what matters most z de origin of dat seed and isolation distance during production, a seed z different from a grain, u can nt jst dye the grain to make it 2 be seed, n to produd your own seed u have to own a certificate from government thru research department

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