Peter Mponda ready to sell his best Arsenal 

Peter Mponda
Peter Mponda
Mponda We will let them go.

His side came in Malawi’s top tier League with their unique style of play but failure to win games forced them out of the league.

Fisd Wizards’ technical director Peter Mponda says his team’s failure to cement a place in the top flight will see him accepting offers from clubs interested in his players’s services.

Speaking in the aftermath of his team’s 3-1 thumping to Mighty Wanderers, the former Flames, Black Leopards and Big Bullets captain said his some of his players will be allowed to leave if good offers are tabled.

“We would have loved to keep the players but some of them have already been in the Flames squad and for them to maintain this success, they need to play in the Super League and not in the lower division.”

“As such, we will be accepting good offers from clubs interested in their services. They are good and they will certainly deliver,” said Mponda.

The team’s captain Levison Maganizo and Enerst Tambe are highly linked with a move to Big Bullets  as well as Mighty Wanderers in January.

Wizards only registered three victories in 26 games hence exiting the league with 21 points despite having two games to play.

Mponda’s boys were a marvel to watch in the lower league due to their tick-tacka style of play but failed to replicate their form in the top flight.



  1. Put it right for da fanz to understand much better coz no word has one meaning what ithink is not what others think so try to think of readers and those who c

  2. Wishing Him Well! He has tried. Give me any player who has gone such far of having a team up to supper league? I wish if resources could permit him to keep his sguard and come back next season. Well done mponda its possible with a heart.

  3. Arsenal meaning “strong artillery” in this case best players. Mpaka musegule dictionary? Sadaname. Mukususanu go back to an idiom class

  4. Palibe vuto ndaona, i think vuto ndinu mwamva udyo. Arsenal is a word which means zida,zipangizo kapena kuti zinthu zomwe wina alinazo kuti agwirise ntchito pokozekera adani. Mwachisanzo mumve chiganizo ichi: Noma has full arsenal a head of their game against bb. Muciganizoci arsenal akuimirira mapuleya. NGATI SITIDAMVESE SIBWINO KUZUZULA.

  5. I REmeber the time he was promoted he said is in the league to stay and not to donate points,LINDA MADZI APITE NDIYE UZITI NDADALA

  6. Kkkkkkkk koma ngati munthu sukudziwa kulibwino kukhala chete palibe chalakwikapo apa he means,his,best players nt arsenal as a club….hahaha cnt stop raughing kkkkk

  7. I will live to salute Peter Mponda because he is a person who does not fear anything and takes challenges as they come. Believe you me and take my word: Peter Mponda will one day become Malawi’s national football team coach. Peter, my congratulations to you. You have shown your maturity in football circles and I hope the country has recognised the potential that is in you though you have not been able to make it in the elite Super League of Malawi.

  8. A word arsenal on its own means the collection of weapons so akuti peter is ready to sell his best arsenal or weapons hope mwamva osamangoti ndinu arsenal koma osaziwa meaning yake

  9. Abale sukulu ndi yabwino. The word arsenal mpaka kuyambitsa debate zoona. Aiaiaiaia

  10. Ok too late to be saved, go and refresh at least you have something to work on.

    1. Ai Sanalakwise Akutenga Ka Stylish Komwe Team Yamponda Imasewelera Thats Y Anena Arsenal Otherwise Mzofanana Ndi Dalitso Sailesi ~ D.Maria,,,

    1. @rex osakhala ndi phuma!!&may b u dont understand either,by sayng his best arsenal my foot,he simply means wizards has no best arsenal[players ]

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