Malawi government ponders on FISP security

fisp malawi

Malawi Police Service has expressed commitment to tighten security during this year’s Farm Input Subsidy program (FISP) in the country in order to reduce cases of corruption.

The pledge comes amid concerns that the program is usually marred by issues such as corruption and issuing of fake coupons.

In an interview, national police assistant superintendent, George Pindani, who is also the country’s FISP coordinator said that they have deployed police officers around the country to sensitise people on matters pertaining to the program.

“In terms of security, we have deployed civilians and police officers in different strategic areas on a certain period of time in order to assist in safeguarding the program.

fisp malawi
FISP has been marred with insecurity.

“Their main aim is to monitor how the program is being implemented from both different stakeholders and the beneficiaries,” said Pindani

Pindani further said that the initiative has come in place to ensure that the beneficiaries secure the coupons and access the fertilizer.

“In some of the districts there is an initiative what we call coupon door by door. On this, there is a follow up with the people who received the coupons.

“What they have done with the coupons, have they managed to secure the fertilizer or not? Have they applied in their fields? We have also given them numbers to call the police if any malpractice is done for example, the selling of fake coupons,” he said.

So far, some people have been arrested for being found in possession of 10 bags of FISP fertilizer at Thondwe in Zomba.

Twelve people were also netted in Blantyre for selling fake coupons.



  1. Vuto nlakuti ndalama zakatangale zimaposa salary yawo. Pothana ndi katangale pakufunika kukweza malipiro aapolisi, lowest paid k100 000

  2. As far as i know our malawian police officers, i don’t think the idea will yield expected outcome because they ones at forefront receiving bribes. I no longer trust malawi police now.

  3. the picture does not match with the story whose main gist is about fertlisers not bags of maize….

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