Water outages blamed on careless tree cutting

mudi dam


Blantyre Water Board (BWB) has vowed to distribute enough water to  residents of Malawi’s commercial city if they stop cutting down trees along Mudi dam.

The board has said residents must stop farming and cutting down trees at the dam if they are to reduce the problem of water shortage.

mudi dam
Tree cutting a serious problem at Mudi dam

BWB recently made over 2000 farmers to stop cultivating around Mudi dam by paying them a compensation of K140 million.

BWB Public Relations Officer, Priscilla Mateyu, urged chiefs in Ndirande Township and others from the city to ask their subjects to consider the issue.

According to her, during the 90s the board was able to provide enough water to the residents without facing difficulties due to the presence of trees.

“During recent years we were able to distribute 46 million litres of water,” she said.

However, Mateyu said the board is now managing to distribute only 6 million litres to the residents.

Recently, the board’s guards shot a man in Ndirande Township after they found him cutting down trees around the protected premises.



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