Urban artist Fredokiss plans big for street kids


Malawi hip-hop heavyweight Fredokiss has through his Ghetto Shoulder Initiative (GSI) has organised a pre-Christmas tour of the streets of Blantyre to distribute foodstuffs to street kids.

The Blantyre based rapper posted the message yesterday through his Facebook page.

Fredokiss; To help street kids.

“We are feeding street kids in Blantyre on the 18th of December 2015, through the “Ghetto Shoulder Initiative,” reads the post.

Fredokiss is popularly known as minister of ‘ghetto affairs’ for being the youth’s mouthpiece on issues that affect them particularly in semi-urban settings.

He therefore considers himself part of the people he speaks for 4

This is not the first time for Fredokiss, real name Penjani Kalua, to be linked to charity works as he also conducted an activity of similar nature last year which benefited 200 street kids.

In a campaign to boost this year’s exercise, he has called upon stakeholders to join him in helping those in need.

“Anyone wishing to join us, feel free to do so,” he said in the post.

Fredokiss has been making calls to Malawian youths to gang up and create change in the country.

He passes the message through music as well as social media platforms.



  1. Keep It Up Fredo…that’s what we Malawians want, helping each other and being a good example and an artist to the nation. This is Big.

  2. its nt bad….next time i think the initiative should aim at removing them to a good place wher they wl safe n protected….big up koma

  3. What the left hand is doing,the right hand must not know.When you are helping,do not blow a wheesle but what ever good you do to the people,do it in secret,’says the scripture’.

  4. Nice Malawian artist have kindly heart .one thing is why there not want to come tz to perform so that we may proud of theme .music need distribution be wise and need our music go far everywhere

  5. …Chomwe umaziwa iwe ndikubifa anzako luso ulibe nyimbo yako yosakoma ngati tiyi wopanda sugar ma flow anga ndi kawawa ngati Harry Ketlina ndikazamwalila azandikumbukila zina ngati ukufuna beef ufunse kaye Fredo..Poti iye ndi kawawa ngati timawawa ta kummawa..

  6. Really a call out to all lets spread love, Malawi needs it. Salute Brethren

  7. ana amene aja ndizigawenga zoopsa zimalanda azimai ma4n mazulo, amatha kumuunjikila munthu mkusowa ntendele, tisiyeni tiana tasatanato

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