Drug Fight Malawi angered with National Alcohol Policy

Nelson Zakeyu

One of the organizations in the country which was established in response to the negative effects of alcohol intake by youths, Drug fight Malawi, has expressed dissatisfaction in the way government is handling the National Alcohol Policy.

Executive Director for Drug Fight Malawi, Nelson Zakeyu, said government is taking time to implement the policy.

Nelson Zakeyu
Zakeyu: We want progress.

”There is no progress when it comes to the implementation of the alcohol policy, we would love government to consider the policy as an issue of national importance,” said Zakeyu.

He further said that it has been long since the policy was taken to the office of the president to be scrutinised.

He added that government should look into the welfare of people as they are yearning to have the policy implemented.

According to Zakeyu, most children are being destroyed by alcoholism hence the need to quickly implement the policy.

For a long time Drug Fight Malawi has been asking government to implement the drug policy but nothing has been done.



  1. Our presidents are supposed to be good example for this,but themselves they are the one who are taking too much alcoho,what are you expecting to young pipo, even you ndikabungwe kanuko you are drinking and smoking too,you will go hell.

  2. Mfundoyi Ili Bwino Kwambiri Koma Kwa Munthu Osazindikira Mmene Dzikoli Likuyendera Angathed Kumasutsa Komanso Kudana Nayo Coz Masiku Ano Ano Chomwe Chikudziwa Anthu Ndi Kusapota Zinthu Zoipa.

  3. Kodi iwe zakeyu moyo ukuufuna kapena ayi iwe ndiwe mbuzi ya munthu even ku uk amamwa mowa iwe ndiwe ndaniso

  4. Mutayeni zakeyu poti iye sayaka, ngati ukugwira ntchito usiku nanga ungamamwe nthawi nanji

  5. There no real sense of direction on the drug and alcohol use and abuse in Malawi. Something really serious needs to be done to protect our young people….

  6. Kodi kabungwe aka kabwera ndimapokoso bwanji??wosakawotcha minda ya chamba ku nkhota-kota bwa?ngati muli madolo…ndisamveso mukukamba za beer apa ndiuza masapota a Hules abwelenso.

  7. By fighting drug consumption amongst the youths it’s good also consider human rights not just force them by hindering their rights…think of your past during your youths days….

  8. beer should be sold only in the afternoon hours till ten oclock. I am afraid, malawi will have the citizens who will be very lazy. As am writing, these people are drinking right away in my sight. Very productive young guys. However, it might b bcz of idleness and lack of capital. I beg to remain.

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