Church assists a 18 year-old girl with a wheel chair

Wheel chair

An 18 year-old Malawian girl, Happiness Mussa, who got selected to start her secondary education and has been failing to go to school because of a disability problem, can now go to school as one of her  primary needs has been met.

Wheel chairMussa, who was born physically challenged, got selected to start her form one secondary education this year but because of lack of a wheelchair she has been failing to go school.

In an interview, Mussa said that her dream is to become a lawyer but what is happening to her is another challenge which is hampering her.

“My friends are ahead of me. My head teacher told me that I cannot manage to assist myself because infrastructure within the school premises is not disability friendly,” said Mussa.

However, some of the challenges Mussa meets may be alleviated as Bishop Chaura of Kingdom of Glory Ministry has donated a wheelchair to Mussa.

He said: “As a church we thought it wise to come in and assist Happiness with a wheelchair. It is our responsibility to help those who are less privileged.”



    1. chifuniro ntchito zachifundo ndizawina aliyense not gvmnt alone bt if u heip sum1 da bible says chimene zanja lakumanja likuchita lakumazele lisaziwe meaning osayima pachulu

  1. Iz dere any need for de church to go on top of mt to talk of wheel-chair donation,,may b u want sposorship or ppo shud flock to ur church????Bible says:left hand shudnt knw w@ righ hand has done!

    1. Mmm Plz They Just Want 2 Make Attention 2 The Churches Patchto Za Chifundo,u Can Se The News Didnt Metion The Name Of Achurch,just Praise The Life God,thats An Testmony,coz It Is Aduty Of Minsters Whether In Gvt Or In Religious Even To U

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