CSOs vow not to rest until ATI bill is tabled


Executive Director of Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation, Timothy Mtambo, has vowed that his organization will not rest until Malawi government tables, passes and implements the access to information bill which Parliament failed to table during the just ended parliamentary session.

Mtambo said the organization has launched a 2015 State of Rights in Africa report which will help in addressing the problem Malawi is facing in tabling the Access to Information bill (ATI).

“The problem the country is facing in tabling the bill in Parliament will be history as the report we have launched highlights how other countries that have adopted the bill into law are faring,” said Mtambo.

Mtambo: We will not relent.

He further said that the report will help in pushing government to table the ATI bill into law and has a part where it shows experiences on how other countries that are facing the problem of passing the bill would see the way forward.

Mtambo added that the country should push government to table the bill as it is to its betterment if the bill is passed.

He said that the excuses government is giving for not tabling the bill are baseless because government is being inconsistent.



  1. Ndinchelewanu umeneo musova ife sizikutikhuza. Bola mukanapanga push nkhani yanjala kuti chimanga mu Admarc chisamasowe we could agree

  2. At the confluence of reality malawi is in a state of sinking.can it take decades just to table the ATI bill! Ah ah you people,you are not serious.what delays you in passing the bill? For you know for sore that tabling that bill means you will be on bare ground tha is why you are reluctant.to federal you are silent,ATI bill silent so what should we anticipet from this idiot government? silley!!!

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