Police confiscate 84 bags of marijuana 


Malawi Police in Ntcheu have intercepted a minibus registration number MH 6201 which had 84 bags of cannabis sativa (chamba) at an ad hoc road block in the district.

According to Ntcheu police public relations officer Gift Matewere the driver of the minibus ran away after reaching the road block.

“The driver was approaching the road block. After noticing there is a road block he stopped and tried to turn back but after seing that he could not manage, he disembarked from the minibus and ran away,” said Matewere.

Marijauana confiscated (File).

The minibus then was found carrying 84 bags of cannabis and was brought to the station while investigations on the matter are still progressing.

In a related development, police in the same district have also confiscated assorted government medical drugs which were at the market at Pengapenga in the district.

The drugs includes Amoxyline, Panodo, Bactrim, and Malaria drugs among others all valued over half a million Kwacha.

Meanwhile, five people have been arrested in connection to this offence and have since been charged for being found in possession of government medical drugs which is contrary to section 119 of Dangerous Drug act.

The five are Damison Sato, Wesley Majawa, Davie Kadwala, Micheus Fanuel and Kenneth Chaoma and they will appear in court soon.



  1. Fufuzaninso apolice abilila police unut kuntcheu abela munthu wabussiness mo ophyeza ndimfuti munthuyo amatchedwa kuti Mr Balaka

  2. I honestly believe that our malawian police offers are well trained robbers.Why do they only tell us that they have confiscated bags of chamba,not where they will take it and what to do with it? This makes me to conclude that they are WELL TRAINED THIEVES under civil servants

  3. ndi nthawi yanu apolisi kuti mukatamuke,mbava zenizen apolice

  4. Kodi nkuyamba kuchita business imeneyi ameneyu? Chamba timanyamulira mu tata za mdf kapena ambulance. Galimoto zimenezi sizisechedwa pa roadblock

  5. Malawi is in development of introducing Sativa, yet you’re busy for nothing arresting business men why? that’s why u will never get riche; as sure as u continue this u will die poor.

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